By Kevin Muthami

Have you just started a blog but don’t know how to increase your readership beyond your contact list? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with that. 

  1. Use social media

Whenever you post a new article to your blog, always share it on your social media platforms. Use a public account to ensure what you share reaches more people. If your own personal/private account, consider setting up a public page exclusively for your blog. This is easiest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in that order. Write catchy descriptions for the posts when you share the link. Alternatively, you could use excerpts from the post itself. Copy a part of it that grabs reader attention but doesn’t give away too much i.e. avoid spoilers.

  1. Write great content


People will read what’s good and not what’s not. Simple as that. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Make your blog content something your audience can always look forward to.  It should be a post they can’t wait to share with their friends or social media. Popular topics are likely to gain the most traction. 

  1. Use guest blogs and reblogs

These are invaluable within the blogging community aka the blogosphere. Guest blogs allow bloggers to help expose each other to their respective audiences. Reblogging, which is posting someone’s article on your own blog, also does the same.

If you’re new, being featured as a guest writer or being reblogged on a larger blog can help grow your audience substantially. Try to approach a blogger with a wider audience to assist you with this.

  1. Leave comments

After reading a blog post you liked, be sure to drop your thoughts on it in the comment section. When other readers visit the section, they come into contact with your comment. This could mean a visit to your own site if your comment is insightful/witty/captivating enough to have them wanting more.

For this to work, make sure the account you’re using to leave comments is linked to your blog.

Be careful not to go overboard with this approach. Otherwise, it will end up seeming like you’re spamming the blog on which you’re commenting. Spamming freaks people out.

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