Facebook Audience

It is never enough to just create a Facebook page. If you have no following, it means that you have no influence online. Having a large and diverse online audience is important for any business.

Here are suggested ways to help you increase your Facebook audience:

1. Connect your Facebook page with your website:
It is safe to assume that people who are already visiting your site are willing to like your Facebook page as well. Add a plugin on your website which will enable you to include a Facebook box where your audience can like your Facebook page without having to leave the website.

2. Avail your Facebook page link:
In every contribution you make online, include your Facebook page link as part of your bio. Even if yours is a guest post on someone’s website. Everybody who stumbles on your online content will be redirected to your Facebook page.

3. Make the polite request:
Sometimes the easiest way to get people to do something is to ask them nicely. Use your other social media links e.g. Twitter and LinkedIn, to request those who have not done so yet to like your Facebook page. You could also put reminders in your blog posts or make a subtle suggestion by including your Facebook page link in your email signature.

4. Interact using your Facebook page:
Many people create Facebook pages and instead of using it to connect with others, they instead use their personal profiles more. There is no harm in using your Facebook page to interact. It will in fact make you more visible to more people.

5. It is not just about promotions:
Avoid updating your status only when promoting your product. Include updates about trending topics and engage your audience. Your audience will lose interest in you if all you do is promote your product.

6. Avoid regurgitated content:
Create new content on a regular basis and share it on your timeline. With consistency, your audience will anticipate your posts and are more likely to share them with their audience as well.

7. Do not be a bore:
It will be more exciting if you allowed your audience to see a bit of your (vibrant) personality. This will make them comfortable and they will be drawn to you.

8. Have good content:
It has been said before and it is true: Good content makes all the difference. If your content is great, it will sell itself and earn you a bigger audience. Invest in good content, and all good things shall follow.

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