What do you benefit from becoming a BAKE member?  oftentimes we get this question from our new members and aspiring bloggers who want to join our community but don’t really know what they will get from it besides the membership card. 

As a community organization, we pride ourselves in representing and empowering online content creators and as we seek to improve the quality of content created on the web. 

 There are so many Individuals in Kenya with the passion and enthusiasm in writing with which if given the right skills, they can blossom into key content creators. 

By becoming a BAKE member, you learn more skills that will boost your writing passion and build up your capacity.  You will also explore more social networks as your articles demonstrate expertise, authority, and trust.

How will you benefit when you become a BAKE member? 

BAKE connects blogs in Kenya from all areas of interest and expertise. As  the forefront  organization of everything digital in Kenya., we carry out the following: 

Membership Development

As a membership organization, our main goal is for our members to grow, both personally and professionally. We want them to be leaders in their chosen fields, meet new professional contacts and generally get involved in the organization on a deeper level. 

The BAKE membership card for instance identifies with a recognizable organization that gives you the confidence to carry out your activities online.  

Digital Training

As part of our mandate, we train conduct training workshops to impart digital skills. Our digital skills workshops focus on the basics of blogging, advanced blogging, use of social media tools, how to make money online as well, digital rights and digital security. 

 Our workshops are aimed at encouraging the youth to create content in their different areas of interest and enable them to be able to make a living through their blogs. These skills enable them to gain broader and wide-ranging practical skills with digital campaigns and social media.  So far, we have carried out digital skills training workshops in over 10 counties in Kenya. 

Blog Aggregation 

We aggregate our members’ blog content of our aggregation platform www.bake.co.ke.  

Through blog aggregation, BAKE is able to monitor the content produced by members, to ensure that the content they produce is within the ethics of the organization. We also share this content with our audience on social media.

 The aggregator platform also syndicates web content such as online newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and video blogs (vlogs) in one location for easy viewing. 

Technical assistance

 Our IT guy is always on standby to help out any blogger who has technical issues with their blog. This could be issued to do with design and layout, access and registration, and blogging in general.

Blogger Awards

through our BAKE Awards platform, BAKE recognizes the efforts of exceptional bloggers through BAKE Awards. The awards seek to reward bloggers that post on a regular basis, have great and useful content, are creative and innovative. These awards represent BAKE’s efforts in the promotion of quality content creation. 

 The submissions for the awards start in January and go through a process of vetting by judges and voting of the best five in each category by the public.  The awards are usually held in May/June each year with the exception of 2020 and 2021 due to the covid-19 disruptions. 


BAKE members who get into trouble with the law can be assisted with litigation where the need arises. This takes the form of hiring a lawyer to represent the member when arrested and if also arraigned in court. 


BAKE, through the ifreedoms project documents internet freedom issues at all times they happen. These could be legislation proposed, intimidation and harassment of Kenyans online including content creators, court cases relating to internet freedoms and security threats.

Networking opportunities 

As a BAKE member, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other online content creators with vast experience in your area of specialization with whom you will share valuable tips, hence enhancing your expertise. 

Through various pieces of training as a BAKE member, you learn a lot of issues concerning online content creation and even get more ideas and acquire more knowledge concerning the dos and the don’ts in the blogosphere.  


Most BAKE members are always willing to share any available job opportunities with the available and authentic members. Which opens opportunities for new members to grow in terms of building a wide range of networks and getting clients easily. 

Who can qualify to be a BAKE member? 

Registration for BAKE membership is open for all Kenyan blogs  run by Kenyans or people living in Kenya

Interested in joining this great family by becoming a BAKE member? please click on the link herein to register