As bloggers, we often get caught up in creating the content we need for our blog to soar, that we often forget about the little things that make up our blogs. There are so many blogs out there, and the one thing that most people look for when they visit a blog, more than the content itself, is you. You as a brand or you as an individual.

More often than not, when we love people’s content, we want to know the person(s) behind the content as well. Here are the 4 most important static pages we love to neglect on our blogs.

Personal Bio

It is one of the most difficult things in the world to write about. The secret is to charm your readers. Be funny and make them smile when they read it. You don’t need a whole page to write about yourself. Two sentences are enough, just be…you.

The ‘about us’ page

The about us page gets into the nitty-gritty of what you do. It is the backbone of the blog. As a reader, this is what I would like to see on an about us page.

  1. A photo of you, a nice one where we can see your face. If there is a team, we need to know the faces behind the content as well.
  2. A bit of who you are and that includes what you like and what you blog about. Some, especially where there is a team of writers, have this bit at the end of every blog post which is awesome.
  3. One can have a manifesto that explains your passion for your subject, write a mission/vision statement, or make a video. Maybe, you can do all three? Hmmmm…..whatever works for you but remember to have fun while you are at it.  no better time like the present, right?
  4. Customer or reader testimonials especially for e-commerce brands. If you have them, use them. Your potential customers want to know what they get in return, and there is nothing better than a satisfied one doing the advertising for you.
  5. Your personality – be yourself. I mean, seriously, you don’t need me to explain this to you, do you?

Contact details

One of the worst things is a reader finding your blog awesome but is unable to reach you. I have read so many blogs like this and it really pisses you off. It leaves one asking, ‘Then why the hell did you put your content online?’ Honestly, if you are not there to grow your brand, you have no business being there. Your potential customers, suppliers, clients need to reach you.

  1. Make it easy for a reader to contact you or to subscribe to your blog. If you are paranoid and can’t put your phone number, because, you know…gotta be safe online, have an email address. Not just an email address, one that you check frequently. You don’t want an opportunity to pass you by now, do you? That’s what I thought.
  2. For organizations, sure to include a physical address.
  3. Add social media buttons so your readers can connect with you where they feel most comfortable. Very important.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important for your readers to get the information they need without having to ask you for them. This is where FAQs come in. Make a list of the most asked questions in your industry, or about your product, and answer them. If your business has been going for some time, you should have an idea of what those questions are. It saves time.

These pages might seem insignificant but they are as important as the content itself. Take your time to work on them.

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