One of the things we struggle with when writing our about me page is describing ourselves. There’s no one you know better than yourself but once someone asks you to talk about you it just becomes a tad too hard. Picture an interview scenario, you’re asked to describe yourself and you know you need to do it in the context of professionalism, you will not mention your cats or your dogs back home. So  how are you supposed to go about the ‘about me’ page?

Despite your writing that lets the reader know about what you are passionate about, the ‘about me’ lets them know you as a person and this gives them something to relate to. Studies have proven that when you relate to the person or ‘feel’ like you know them are you more likely to trust or believe what they say. People are more likely to read your blog when they understand what you’re on about instead of when they assume they have snippets of information about you.

When writing your ‘about me’ it becomes very crucial that you stick to the truth about you and also you avoid disclosing personal information. No one wants to know your personal information unless it is relevant to your blog or part of a reason you started writing it. Stick to what image you would like to portray and do not stray from that unless necessary.

Your about me could be about what you do, and who you are, or what you want to write about and why you want to write about it. Some people put down quotes they like that resonate with them while others go for quirky comments and jokes. The about me section is for you to express yourself as an entity while your blog posts can assume any character, idea and gender. It becomes important that you talk about what inspired you to start your blog and

I would suggest having fun on your about me section and just letting your readers know who you are and what you’re about. Also don’t forget to put down your talents and skills in case this opens up opportunities for you. Thank me later.