Audience engagement is pretty cool as far as blogs go. It’s a great way to keep your current audience around and invested while encouraging newcomers and growing it in the process. It’s a symbiotic relationship, mutually beneficial. You ensure your audience feels special (because they are) and they keep your blog alive. You should, therefore, make sure it’s as good for you as it is for everyone else involved.

How do you do that? Well, it’s through these two simple steps, beloved:

1. Comments, comments, comments

Just in case you missed the last time we covered this, you should encourage your readers to leave comments on your posts. First, make sure your content is worth leaving a comment for, i.e. it is the kind that sparks conversation. Try to approach your writing in a more open-ended fashion. Opinion pieces can be the source of debate with your readers. Make it on a relevant or well-known topic to maximize interaction. For example, you could have a post on why you believe Into the Spider-Verse is better than Spider-Man 2. It combines a currently relevant topic (#Oscars) and a recognizable nostalgic staple of popular culture. Your comments will definitely flare up, and 85% of that will be me. Guaranteed.

Invite comments from your readers at the end of your posts through statements like “Let me know what you think in the comments section below” but less generic.

Leave insightful comments on other people’s blogs. This encourages them to do the same with you.

2. Social media

Make sure to leave links to your social media accounts where your readers can easily access them. It’s important that they be active in social media accounts. Your readers won’t be keen to engage your Twitter where you tweeted one time in 2017 when the Grammys literally robbed Beyonce.

Social media allows you to keep your audience engaged between posts. It can also be an outlet for your ideas that don’t make it into your blog posts. It also acts as a way you can let your audience become more familiar with you. For instance, if you run a tech blog, your social media accounts can be a way to let your audience know that you have other interests beyond discussing screen RAM…or whatever. (Tech is hard)

Social media pages can also be used to keep your readers updated. If you’re out of town and can’t post, tell them on there.

Polls can also be used to ask your readers to choose between topics when you can’t decide for yourself.

And that’s it. Simple as that. Easy peasy, we stay busy giving you this jewellery.

Whether you’re really social or really not, follow these, and you could very well be the most popular person in these blog streets. You’re like some friendly neighbourhood rock star. We’d say we’re not worthy, but you’re so gosh dang approachable and relatable. Ugh!

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Image courtesy of Jeshoots on Pixabay