Sondeka Awards

The rise of the creative economy is an emerging concept in the country and the world globally. This industry deals with the interface between creativity, culture, economics and technology in a contemporary world dominated by images, sounds, texts and symbols.

Creatives Garage, a Multi- disciplinary collective for creatives to network, collaborate, share ideas and gain market access, has launched its first awards, Sondeka Awards, for the creative community in Kenya. In the past five years, Creatives Garage has supported the growth of the Creative industry through networking opportunities to opening up market access opportunities to creatives.

Sondeka Awards is Creatives Garage’s way of giving back to the creative community, that they have spent years advocating for and supporting. Being a hub that attracts and welcomes creatives from variant parts of the industry, they have appreciated the growth of the underdog creative who often goes unappreciated and have chosen to recognize these highly talented members of the creative community.

Creatives Garage has seen the success of this through Sondeka Festival which acts as an intermediary where producers of creative innovations can meet with organizations and/or consumers of their products. It brings all forms of creativity into one space to encourage collaborations, co-creation, showcases of new and emerging talent, and most importantly access to markets.

The following are the categories to be considered in the 2018 Sondeka Awards:

  • Visual Art: Digital Artists and Traditional Artists
  • Digital Art: Art created using at least two DIGITAL art forms: Paintings/ Drawings/Airbrushing, Photomanipulation, 3-Dimensional, Fractals and Vectors/Vexels and Traditional Art – Any art created through the use of physical media includes; drawing media (pencil graphite & charcoal, colored & watercolor pencils, dry/oil pastel & ink) and painting media (oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache)
  • Music: Live Bands and/or Alternative/Experimental music
  • Performing Arts: Poets and Spoken Word, Theatre and/or Dance
  • Institutions that support the creative industry: Museums, Galleries, MakerSpaces & Libraries, event spaces, cultural centres.
  • Outstanding work exhibited within 2017
  • Online radio and podcasts
  • Best Cross-collaboration
  • Writing (Bloggers, poetry & published work)

The deadline for submissions is February 21th 2018.

Click here to submit.