Co-working spaces are trending nowadays with people opting to have a big hall with amenities rather than being confined in a cubicle. It is better than working at home because you are more productive, and you are motivated to work because other people are working as well.

However, being in a co-working space means that you must face distraction both internally and externally and it is up to you to devise methods that will ensure that you are productive and get the best out of it. it is easier said than done, but if you are disciplined enough, it is possible.

Only go for part of the day

Decide what time you concentrate best and work at that time. When you go the whole day, you will end up wasting much of it playing video games and watching funny videos on YouTube, whilst wondering where you went wrong in life.

The rest of the time could be used doing something else constructive, so remember to manage your time wisely.

Don’t forget your headphones at home

Co-working can be very noisy, people talking and laughing between tables, walking with heels clicking on the floor and general external noise especially if your space is near a road. What to do? Shove your earbuds in your ears and lock out everyone else. On a serious note, it works wonders. It’s like a non-verbal cue for saying, “Hey, am here but don’t talk to me.”

If you have headphones, the better. They are good because they help filter out the noise. Put them on and pretend there is no one else in the room. The good thing is, you don’t even have to put your music on. One look at you and someone gets the message.

Look for quieter areas

There are usually areas in a co-working space where there is not a lot of activity, like a corner somewhere. Find that and work from there. If possible, turn the seat and the table so that you are facing the wall, away from the action. This way, you will get more done in less time.

Get there early

Since most people who use co-working spaces are entrepreneurs who work for themselves, they can get there whenever they want. Your mission is to have much done as fast as possible so, get there early. You can finish your work hours before the rest of your colleagues arrive.

Designate the use of space

Management should have a specific place for conducting meetings, the break room, and a working area. This ensures that people are not distracted should there be a meeting or an event. Avoid impromptu meetings when people are busy, rather, inform them early that there will be a meeting taking place so that the can find alternative working areas.

Create a daily schedule

Have a schedule of what task is to be accomplished at that time. It helps you keep in line and avoid procrastination. Also, ensure that you don’t leave the office until you have finished your tasks for the day to ensure that your work does not pile up.

Work next to someone who is working

Sitting next to someone who is working gives you the drive to work as well. Call it group motivation. It works wonders.

Have work-life harmony

Separate your work life from your personal life. This not only creates balance in your life but also helps reduce work-related stress. Remember that there is more to life than work.

Workspaces are going to outshine office cubicles and in years to come, take over completely. When that time comes, where will you be?

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