Every successful writer has a routine. Every person’s routine is different. A routine includes when and where you choose to write. Consistency should be applied and should always be replicable. This will enable you to focus on writing itself instead of finding a time and a place to write. Find out what will work for you. Maybe you can easily write in a quiet place, or maybe you need to be in nature to be able to gather your thoughts. You also need to visualize how it will look like when you write.

You will need to set targets and deadlines for yourself. You can start with doing 500 words every day. If you want to achieve more, you could set a higher target. Deadlines are also important since they push you to start writing. Deadlines prevent procrastination. They also make sure that your daily goal is achieved. Blogging requires consistency and writing is doing it more than you think you can. You begin by setting a particular project which you know you can achieve. Writing every day also exercises your brain muscles which need to be exercised. When you write and feel tired after writing, you shouldn’t give up then. You will need to continue writing. Our brains are designed for comfort. You will need to beat your comfort zone when this happens and continue to work on writing.

Being a regular writer involves writing every day. This is even when you don’t feel like writing. You can choose to write on totally different topics on days you think you should be on holiday. Writers do not have holidays. Writing is essentially part of their lives. You can set a particular time of day you will write.

Being a regular writer will also need a system to boost your writing. Do you prefer writing on paper, on your laptop, notepad or even your phone? Find a system that will not lead to procrastination just because the system is not available.

Writing does not necessarily require talent, brains and anything else you may think it will require. The real question you should be asking yourself is are you tenacious? Do you have the grit to write even when you don’t feel like? Because, when the good times end only the persistent will stick till through it.

These tips not only apply to writers, it applies to all content creators. Whether you are creating videos, being a social media trendsetter and even through photography. You will need to practice any of this crafts every day, even when the weather is not accommodating enough to take a photo of the sunset. You will need to develop consistency to work on your craft regardless of the situation. Stick to your craft and work on it. If your passion drives you, then you will be able to make it until the end. When you are passionate about your craft, the accolades will come, including the upcoming Bake Awards.

Therefore, you will need to be a regular writer, a regular photographer, a regular video blogger an regular master of your own craft.