Most people who do blogging start it as a fun endeavor. Something to keep them busy when they are free or feel idle. Others start blogs because they have something to say to the world. It is their outlet. When I started blogging, I wanted to increase my creativity and improve on my language skills; both spoken and written. Over time, I realized that in as much as I blog for fun, I can also make money from it.  Blogging is easy, you just transfer what is on your mind into paper. Making money from blogging is the difficult part. It requires focus, dedication and consistency to your blog. No one will want to invest in a blog that is updated once in a blue moon.

So, what does it take to make money from a blog?

  1. Have a blog

To make money from a blog, you have to have your own blog. There are different avenues or websites where one can create a blog from scratch for free. The most popular one is WordPress. From there, you can customize it however you feel like depending on what you are blogging about. There are also themes that correspond with your message designed fully to meet your blogging needs.

  1. Create useful and interesting content

Content is very important. It is what brings people to your blog. Before you start the actual blogging, have a plan of what you will be blogging about. There is a wide range of topics that you can choose from. For example, you can choose to concentrate more on wildlife, fashion, and lifestyle and so on. Whatever you choose, make it seductive to the reader. Give them an incentive to want to continue reading what you write. Write about something that is of interest to your readers or what will change their lives for the better. That way, people will value it. They will share it with their friends and most importantly, they will keep reading it and encouraging other people to read it as well.

  1. Find readers

Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s not. To find the readers, you must first know what they are interested in reading. People seek different things online. That is the tricky part. Do your research. It might be difficult to get people at first but once you get the dynamics of the readers it is easier to get the information that targets them. Look for what your target audience wants and capitalize on it.

Social media is also another tool that really helps. Start small. For example you can create a group comprising of friends, on Facebook where you will be posting your stories. These friends will be the ones to market you to their other friends and the friends of their friends. With time, you will find that you have created traffic and directed it to your blog. It is a slow and tedious process but the benefits are worth it.

  1. Build a rapport with existing readers

Building rapport with the existing readers shows that you care about you blog and you are giving it the time that it needs.  It involves engaging the readers on a personal and professional level. Readers want to know that the author they are following is in it for the long run and they want a good deal out of it. Therefore, talk to them, when they review or ask questions, be in a position to reply to them. It makes them more engaged knowing that they can interact with their favorite author.

  1. Start making money

Now in know that this is what you have been waiting for. Just because you have a blog and you have readers doesn’t mean that money starts flowing, no. it takes a lot of hard work and patience. Someone one told me that to make money, you have to start with doing things for free. It is ironic, I know. But, you have to start from somewhere. There are many avenues to make money from blogging.

  1. Advertising income– as you start growing your audience and traffic, you will find that many advertisers will approach you and will be willing to pay to get their content exposed to your audience. It is actually where most bloggers start.
  2. Affiliate income-it is when you link to a product that is for sale on another site and if someone clicks your link and end up buying the product, you receive a small commission.
  3. Recurring income– this is whereby readers are charged a regular recurring mount to get premium content or some kind of service.
  4. Promoting a business– bloggers also make money when they promote a company. Is usually very popular for businesses who have their own blogs.

In conclusion, making money from blogs is not an easy fete. A lot of work is put in a blog to make sure that it reaches a lot of people and at the shortest time possible for those who are patient enough, it could be you gateway towards wealth.

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