You already have a blog or website set up, but how do you make it successful, get an audience and register growth? Most definitely, the quality of your blog matters as well as how your audience gets to sees it.  You will need to have the right tools to make sure your blog grows, becomes successful and most likely make money. But what exactly are these tools you will require?

There are web-based and online tools. A web-based or browser based software tool is something that runs from a browser, on an outside server using the Internet. Several web applications fall under this category. Examples are Google Chrome and Firefox. An online tool on the other hand is something that uses an Internet connection to access the information it needs. It doesn’t necessarily need to make use of a browser to do this. Examples of an online tool could be Skype and WhatsApp on PC because they use the Internet connection, but have a separate client that sits on your computer.

As a blogger there are several online tools you will need to make your blog successful. Here are the top online tools that every blogger needs.


English words can be very confusing. From ‘there’ and ‘their’, ‘this’ and ‘these’ and even ‘its’ and ‘it’s’. Grammarly is a free online blogging tool that makes sure you come out sounding smart and most undeniably wise with your way of words. To be a professional you must write like a professional. This online tool will double checking your grammar for you making it the best for bloggers. Grammarly can be used as browser extension or in Microsoft word helping you out no matter where you are blogging from.

Google Analytics 

You need to be aware about the traffic your site receives. How many people are visiting your site? Where is it coming from? Where are they going on your site? How long are they staying there? Is your traffic up? Or down?

Google Analytics is one of the best tools that does all this. It is absolutely free. With this tool, you can be able to strategise on your blog content depending on your audience or the audience you would like to attract. It will unquestionably come in handy to motivate you to work even harder to create good content for your blog.


Social media is always there regardless of your daily schedule. If you want to have presence in the social media realm, you must always be there. You need to be regularly posting to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram etc. You are not a robot, but you must be consistent and present. “Out of sight, out of mind”, this will happen if you are not as careful and certainly applies to the digital age of social media we live in.

TweekDeck is a free desktop tool that functions as your personal real-time social media browser. It allows you to keep up with and post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and apparently every other place you can think of. You can choose to schedule your posts and even send the same post to all platforms at the same time.

So these are the top free online blogging tools to help you become a good and professional blogger and take your blog to the next level. There are so many other tools out there which you can use apart from these. Eventually, becoming a good content creator requires more than just downloading a few good services online. Here are some more blogging tools for your reference.

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