Increasing your blog traffic is an important stage if you have started a blog with platforms like WordPress. Once the blog is up and running, a big challenge is to bring more traffic to your blog or website. You need to create time and really market your website. If you do market your blog well, you can easily increase your blog traffic and get more visitors than before.

All of us have a passion for creating content. As a content creator, your biggest desire is to have people and as many visitors as you can expect to visit your blog. Nothing comes on a silver plater though. As the owner of the website, you have to put in more effort to ensure that your blog traffic is constantly increasing. The article will share the easiest and tested tips that can enhance increasing your blog traffic like an expert marketer. 

How can you increase traffic to your website?

Create Audience profiles to Understand Your users 

Nothing is important like understanding your users and creating your audience profiles. Before you start creating content for your blog, spend little time understanding your target audience. Understand what your audience is looking for and their desires. You can easily build an audience framework by knowing who your audience is; and also by you know the problems that your audience is facing and if you can solve them; you should also understand the kind of content that your audiences are looking for.

By answering such questions, you will be showing that you really appreciate and value your audience hence will enabling you to get a clear picture of your target audience. You can also go ahead and ask them personal questions like knowing their age, what they do for a living such as their occupation, you may also ask them concerning their level of education. 

Do Keyword Research to plan Your Content strategy 

Keyword Research is a technique used by content creators and Search Engine Optimization [SEO] experts. It enables you as a writer to discover specific words and sentences that users like typing in Goggle or any other search engines to find the content they are looking for. Some online content creators use the ‘best guess strategy’ but the limitation with this is that there is a high chance that your article will likely not rank high in search engines.

By doing proper Keyword research, you will be discovering actual search terms people are looking for. You are likely to discover and find unique content ideas for popular search terms. You also learn from your competitors, and you are likely to beat them with better content. It is also advisable that you create a series of pillar articles, that will be comprehensive, that will enable driving steady traffic to your blog.

Create useful content that is comprehensive 

The most important and crucial thing that users and Search Engines look for is good quality content. For your blog, a quality piece of content must be a comprehensive article on a specific topic that covers probably all the details. Comprehensive articles are usually pillar articles which are your most important articles. As a writer, you need to select the most promising Keyword and then provide as much information as you could. Create as many pillar articles as possible to cover all the important keywords in your industry.

While creating pillar content, just keep in mind the difference between the pillar content and other articles. The Pillar articles are more comprehensive and provide a piece of in-depth information on the topic. Your pillar content is always useful. You should keep them updated with new content and information to stay on top of Search Engines

Make your Content Readable

You must make your content easy to read by using smaller paragraphs and short sentences. We as human beings including you have a short -attention span. What does this mean? It means a slight difficulty in reading will make the readers be bored and leave without grasping the most useful information.

Before the readers ignore your posts because of readability, try to improve typography by using more readable fonts, plenty of lines spacing, check the readability score of your content with the help of Yoast SEO and make good use of Grammar checker using Grammarly.

Apply the SEO basics to your websites.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] will make your website more search engine friendly. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to improve your website. You can learn this and do it on your own since there are many SEO tools and plug-ins, free advice, and step-by-step tutorials available that you can use.

Make good use of Content Linking.

Another important thing that plays a great role in SEO is linking your articles to your existing blog posts. Internal linking helps Google to understand the content and the relationship between different articles on your website. It then uses the information as ranking signals. When you place them well, internal links help you increase page views and reduce bounce rate.

Start Generating more backlinks.

Backlinks are very influential signals in Google ranking. A backlink is an incoming link to your content from an external website. To get a quality backlink to your website, you may decide to reach out to influencers and reputable blogs in your industry and let them know about specific content on your website that they might want to link. An easy way to get a backlink is to add a link to your website and all your social media profiles.