By Lolyne Ongeri and Selina Onyando

Ruby the mediator, a simulation that gives users an understanding to mediation won the Nairobi chapter of Global Legal Hackathon. The simulation game helps users understand the mediation process by reducing the back log in the judiciary and improving access to justice.

The team recognized that civil litigation in the country was not only expensive but vexatious. Their solution aims to create awareness about alternative dispute resolution methods through an interactive game.

The hackathon was organized by Africa Law Tech Festival, hosted by Lawyers Hub in partnership with Moringa School, HiiL and Omidyar Network.

Winners were announced on Sunday 8th March at the Africa Law tech Concert held at the Sarit Centre in celebration of the International Women’s day.

Wangari Kabiru, Charter mediator at Wasiliana Hub and winner of this year’s hackathon expressed her elation on the win. She, however, emphasized the importance of tech practitioners and individuals nit in technology to convene in events such as the Africa Law tech as the two cannot exist in isolation.

“We have too many challenges in our continent that the digital economy can support in resolving much faster, more efficiently and in some areas with long term cost savings. It is important to build a competitive edge early in this digital age.”

Judges of the hackathon included:

  1. Declan Magero – 2019 Judge, Founding Partner- Afrinet Capital
  2. Modupe Odele – Founder, Vazi Legal & Scale My Hustle
  3. Cynthia Kasambuli – Lead Technical Mentor, Moringa School
  4. Liz Lenjo – Managing Partner, Kikao Law
  5. John Matogo – University Relations Lead, IBM East Africa

The Hackathon began with nominations which commenced on 15th of February 2020 and closed on the 25th of February 2020. Thereafter, participants presented their pitches to the judges. The judges then chose the best three. There is a look at what the participants pitched:

Haki Warriors found a solution to #KOT problems, getting more people fighting for social issues off the internet. A hashtag is not just a hashtag anymore. The software helps social media uses engage in the public litigation process by lodging potential cases and partnering with lawyers willing to take up the cases where they feel the grounds are sufficient to bring a cause of action.

Enfinite Solutions presented a program that leverages on machine learning to simplify bulky contracts. The solution was projected to not only save time spent sorting through contracts but also minimize risk.

Team Upright created a solution that uses open-source information to develop a legal credit score available to potential employers.

iManage created management of electronic waste. The application was proposed to link users to stakeholders. The stakeholders can then reuse, recycle or dispose of the waste.

Team Harambee created a buddy system that allowed paid volunteers to help users get home safe at night in unsafe areas.

The second runner up was Team Kesi Bora who developed a Civil Case Management Software Solution. While the first Runner up was Team Advocate Joi sought to use machine learning technology to help translate laws, making justice more accessible.

Image Courtesy of Lawyers Hub