A niche blog is a blog that writes to market to or target a specific audience. A blogger writes about certain topics they are comfortable with and focus their content around it. Niche writing has proven to be financially successful and enables the writer to write with ease as it is something they are inspired to do. Curving out a niche not only helps in focusing on what to write about but also helps the reader understand and know what to expect from you.

Niche blogging helps in acquiring a well-defined and reliable audience who always come back to read on the specific topic a blogger writes about. It also helps to write about specific subjects as it gives your blog a better SEO ranking, better affiliate marketing and is easier to monetize.

There are niches that have made it big online and continue to do so as they are very sort after by readers and internet users. Blogs about food, travel, lifestyle, technology, business, health, etc. have all made it big and have earned a lot of money. As these blog niches continue to rake in a whole lot of money, there are also niches that are on the rise and are doing pretty good online. These include but are not limited to;

Personal development blogs

Everyone envisions a perfect life for themselves but that is not usually the case for most of us. We find ourselves wanting to better ourselves and improve our thinking, our actions and our way of life. Personal development blogs have become popular as they offer ways in which a person can improve themselves in a particular aspect of their lives.

From wanting to relax and getting in touch with your inner self to wanting to be a great leader or learn how to speak in public, to just wanting inspiration on how to bring change to your habits, self-help blogs are playing a major role in the lives of many. They guide you into being the person you always want to be. Having been underestimated for some time, these blogs are gaining a lot of popularity and making a lot of money while at it.

Religious blogs

Human beings try to understand and reach a higher state of knowledge through spirituality. Over the decades, religion has played a huge impact on the way of life of many in terms of morals, ethics, beliefs, and values of many believers. The belief in a supernatural entity has been there since the beginning.

Religious blogs have seen a sudden surge in terms of readership as many followers have embraced reading online content as compared to just visiting their various places of worship, talking to their religious leaders or reading religious books. These blogs not only inspire readers, but also form a platform for people to share their own opinions about religion, although sometimes controversial, and educate readers about different religions. Blogs have made it simple, more fun and easier to reach a large audience in terms of religion and are definitely gaining popularity.

Home décor blogs

Apart from reading magazines and visiting stores and exhibitions, blogs about home décor have become an in-thing today. Everyone wants a space that they can creatively design to their own taste and likes and what better way to do so by catching up on a blog that writes about all that.

Home décor blogs have become big as they share a lot that one can do in their home, and even outside, creatively. They offer great choices and varieties on things, show where to get items and at a friendly cost, and even ‘do it yourself’ skills. These blogs are now popular and allow for great affiliate marketing which translates to a great payout.

Newborn blogs

Although parenting blogs are a huge thing on the internet, newborn blogs have carved out their niche and are now taking over. Newborns come with a lot of demands and these blogs help fill in the gap especially for first-time parents.

As the world continues to change in terms of how to raise children in this era, newborn blogs have proven to play a huge part. They explain and educate on different things to consider for your baby e.g. products to use and their reviews, gadgets to buy, clothes to consider, hospitals and clinics near you, immunizations, and ‘how-to’ articles when you need to do something for your baby. These blogs are making huge amounts of money as they also attract impressive marketing brands.


Blogging about blogging sounds unusual but this niche is growing and making a lot of money. As millions of people open up blogs every single day, they need information on how best to go about it. These blogs help understand and create a perfect blog that will attract the intended reader.

Bloggers who write about blogging receive a lot of traffic on their sites for they provide useful and reliable content on how to maneuver around your own personal blog and make the best of it! They show one how to write, how to create a functional blog, how to market oneself and earn a living through blogging.

In conclusion, blogging has proved to be a very resourceful way to communicate, educate and earn in this digital era. Knowing what to blog about definitely sets one apart from the rest as you have a clear plan in terms of an audience who are easy to attain and retain. As niche blogging mostly involves what one is passionate about, it becomes easy to write and focus on topics you want to discuss. Through this, one is able to get high-value advertisers who deal with what you are writing about and not forgetting that niche blogs are always top in terms of search engine optimization and are easy to monetize.

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