Starting a blog is one thing. Having a goal to accomplish in line with what you expect your blog to achieve is another. Setting goals for a blog can be done within timelines of one year, three years, five years or even on a month goal plan. A goal sets you apart from those who start blogs because everyone has one. It is one of the top best ways to make progress towards both your career and personal development. Every goal that is achieved is a step closer to the ideal blog you would envision to have.

Achieving our goals are important. Most successful people will however attest to the fact that they have failed in one way or another to achieve their goals. Sometimes, we have made goals and not put them into action.

For this reason here are 5 best ways to set and achieve your blogging goals. This goals could as well apply to life goals not just in blogging.

  1. Have A Compelling Reason

What was your reason for starting a blog in the beginning? Was it because of money, fame, the good life you see other bloggers exude? Did a light bulb shine on you and you developed the urge to start a blog? All this reasons will make you start a blog and you will probably keep your blog active for sometime. But will you be able to blog when there is no money or fame? What if the light bulb stops glowing, will you stop. One needs to realize the reason you want to blog in the first place. The reason needs to be compelling enough so that it gets you motivated when you lose the zeal. Your blogging goal has to make sense to you. Don’t focus on others, especially your readers, when starting, focus on what you want to achieve for yourself. It has to inspire you and be consistent with your own values. Once you find your reason for starting a blog, reaching your goal should be a lot easier.

  1. Visualize Your Destination

Always visualize yourself reaching your goals. Look at your blogging goals every single day if you have to. This will make them be a part of your daily routine. This is powerful concept that is seldom used. Science has proven our unconscious brain has more power which most of us tend to ignore. By simply visualizing our destination we are reminding our brain that this is what we want. When you visualize your destination, you are subconsciously asking the universe for what you want to achieve. This is great power. See yourself having already achieved your goals. Is it that BAKE Award that you want? Visualize how you will feel when you get that award and even the speech you will make.

  1. Give Yourself A Reward

No one said achieving your goals will be as easy as ABC. The path to your goal will be long and difficult and the extra push can really help When you achieve a certain milestone, reward yourself no matter how small the achievement was. Remember, its your goal and no one else knows what you went through to achieve even that small milestone. For example, you can go for dinner or lunch at a 5 star restaurant. You may even end up writing about your experience which will give you the motivation to blog on. You can also do something that will make you happy like buying a good book. Reading and writing go hand in hand and maybe your writers block could be solved with this. You can never have so many books.Rewarding yourself will go a long way to boost your spirit.

  1. Stay positive

You don’t have to wait for the BAKE Award or any other award to be happy. Start now. Be happy where you are in the present moment. Don’t fret about not achieving your goals. Stay positive. Optimism will give you courage to continue blogging even when you don’t want to open your laptop and write or publish a post. Challenges will seem a lot more achievable when you embrace a positive attitude. Remember, it’s okay to let go every once and a while. Surround yourself positive energy as well. This is from people, places and events and functions. These should be able to encourage you and possibly rid yourself of the toxic naysayers who do not support your blog.

  1. Believe in yourself

Starting a blog is in most cases a personal decision. No one can believe in what your blog will achieve except you. Know one else knows your goals. Therefore, believing in yourself is paramount to achieving your goals. Trust in your own skills. If someone claims you are not a good writer, believe you are and continue to nurture your writing skills. Remember, you become a better writer when you put in the practice. Even when you set ambitious goals for your blog, believe you will get there and you most definitely will.

What has helped you achieve your blogging goals?