Getting the courage to open a blog sets you on the path to being a blogger but being consistent determines whether you make it or not in the blogging world. As a blogger, you have to want it bad enough. If you don’t, then why start blogging in the first place.

Being consistent doesn’t mean posting one post a month. Why should your readers wait once every month to read your thoughts, views and opinions? Your blog is not a monthly magazine where readers choose to buy a particular magazine to read just one writers in work. It doesn’t work that way. In most cases, people by magazines because the whole content within the magazine resonates with their lives on a daily basis.

Consistency, therefore, means posting ‘at least’ once a week. If you can create content every day, then go right ahead. Remember to always keep it relevant at all times, especially if posting every day. You don’t want your readers to find your content irrelevant and dull.

As you determine how you can create content and become consistent, remember, someone is working harder than you to make their blog stand out from the crowd. Are you willing to put in the work? Are you willing to be persistent and create content even on the wee hours of the night? Are you willing to sacrifice your favourite movie, a night or weekend out to create content for your blog? You get to choose. You have a choice between being a successful blogger or content creator or being just like all other bloggers sailing on the same full boat. If you want to stand out, you have to be consistent and this requires effort, sacrifice and hard work.

When you start a blog, obviously, you have a goal. Whatever the goal is, remember to include being consistent as part of the plan. Take up the challenge for yourself to create content every single week, whether one or 5 posts. Even on the not so good days and on extremely busy weeks, especially if blogging is your part time venture. Be consistent. Create time. Sacrifice something. Do not be afraid to take a risk whenever possible. As long as at the end of the week when you look at your blog, whether they have comments or likes or views or not, be proud of yourself for having posted content during that week.

Consistency ensures you get to reach your blogging goals. If you want to be recognised, blog more. If you want to be nominated for honours and awards, be consistent. If you want to be on everyone’s timeline every so often, create content that’s worth the read to your followers. If you want to remain on top and not be forgotten even when you leave the blogging world and find something else to do, be consistent.

I don’t know how to stress this any further, but the number one key to reaching your goals apart from being passionate, is being consistent. Have a look at the blogs of those who have won the BAKE Blog Awards since its inception in 2012. The winners, and even those who got nominated, stood out because they were consistent enough. Most of these bloggers have gained the results that comes with being consistent. They have been recognized by top brands, write for well-known magazines and newspapers and even appearing on media channels such as newspapers and TV as well as radio interviews.

Therefore, do you want all the recognition bad enough, I repeat, be consistent. Ask yourself, why do you think you blog should reach new heights and achieve great things? When you get the answer to this, be … consistent.