Writing a blog post is easy but the hardest part is writing a great blog post; one that will hook the reader from the start to the finish. For one to write a great blog post it needs to be more than just the words .Your blog post should be one that has been carefully crafted to ensure that your readers are glued to your posts not just one but all of them. Here are some of the essentials that a great blog post should have-

1. Eye-catching headline

This is what your reader sees even before reading your blog post. Your titles should stand out and command attention. They should be so seductive that no one would want to pass them up.

  2. Open with a bang

After the title the obvious place is the first three sentences. They should have a punch. If your readers read these sentences and still be interested, they are more likely to read your whole article.

3. Use appropriate images

Images are important as they tend to attract more people to your blog post. Also without reading the entire blog post, they give reader an idea of what the post is all about. Add strategic images that not only pull your readers but also enhance your content.

   4. Have a point

Your blog should have something to say. It gives readers something to latch on. Have specific key words that are memorable and can be used to market your content online. Key words are also important for Search Engine Optimization.

5. Structure

Your blog post should flow. Sentences should complement each other and built carefully into paragraphs. These paragraphs should also in turn connect flawlessly to the next. Easy flow makes it easy for the reader to skim and digest content. Your structure should be Heading- Introduction -Body – Conclusion.

  1. Social media friendly

If people see what they like they are likely to share it to their friends on social media. You should have social media buttons to make this possible .Also, ensure that you interact with your readers. Do not let any comment or question go unanswered.

  1. Substantial length

How long should your post be? It should not be too long that your readers loose the point you are trying to make and not to short that you don’t have time to put your point across. I think 500-1000 words is a good length; depending on what you want to say of course.

  1. Good grammar

No one will want to read a grammatically deprived article. It is a serious turn off. Mistakes happen but you should try to avoid them. This means serious editing and proofreading every article.

  1. Call to action

At the end of the day what do you want from the blog post? Have specific objectives that you want to achieve at the end of the post. Calls to action are also keys to great conversations. Conversations means more sharing which in turn bring more people to your blog.

There are many things that can turn a good blog to a great blog. Carefully strategize and then make sure you have flow in your blog post. Above all after you are done, give a great conclusion to wrap it all up in a nice little package.