A title can either break you or make you. Whether you have written extremely good content or an average one, the title matters. Imagine reading an average piece of content just because the title was eye-catching and finding out it was a waste of your time. The title got you to read it. This, in most cases, is witnessed with entertainment blogs. As a blogger, one can learn from this category by how they frame their title more so if one writes with a goal to share knowledge, insights, a good story, or a creative piece and want to get an audience.

When you have put in the hours to write good content and not have a good title, the post may likely not receive the anticipated audience. This may become distressing and one may consider not writing content anymore. The main problem could be how one frames the titles for blog posts.

You could consider these tips in order to write eye-catching titles that will leave your audience always wanting to read further.

  1. Keep it Relevant

Relevance is important when trying to bring out a title. Having a relevant title sets clear expectations for your readers on your content. It determines whether your audience will go beyond the title since it resonates well with them and sparks interest. Note that; setting high expectations in the title that are not fulfilled in the content may result in loosing the audience’s trust. The most essential rule of blog titles is to respect the reader experience. Being relevant and clear from the beginning determines the type of audience you attract. It also determines whether your blog post is worth reading through or not.

  1. Use Power Words

Power words are words that will attract an audience to your blog posts. This can be in the form of:

Adjectives and Verbs

A blog post title should be able to pop out from the crowd. Using interesting adjectives and verbs in your title that are able to stand out will be an added advantage. Such words include ‘Awesome’, ‘Effective’, “Incredible’, ‘Fun’, ‘Reasons’, ‘Principles’, ‘Facts’, among others.

How, Why, What, When (Trigger words)

These words can persuade your audience to read a blog post. This is because most people want to improve their lives or learn something new. Using trigger words in the title can easily attract a number of readers since it focuses on their needs and wants.

Example of templates using trigger words

How I Made ____ in ____
How To Find ____
How To Rock ____
How To Make A Strong ____
What  You Need To About ____
Why Should You ____

  1. Take Advantage of Numbers

Blog posts that begin with numbers attract people to click on them. Numbers in the title are able to catch a reader’s attention. Starting a title with a number shows how long a blog post is and whether it is worth reading. In addition, it also shows that this particular blog post is in point form making it easier to read and understand.

Examples of  templates using numbers [#]

[#] Things your ____ Doesn’t Tell You
[#]____ Trends For [YEAR]
[#] ____Every ____ Should Own
[#] ____ to Consider For ____
[#] Amazing ____ To Try Right Now
[#] Types of ____
[#] Questions You Should Ask Before _____
[#] Worth-It ____ For ____
[#] Jobs That Will Make You _____
[#] Secrets To ____
[#] Resources to Help You Become _____
[#] Ways to Embrace ____
[#] Proven Ways To ____
[#] Signs You Might

More Blog Title Templates.

  1. Stay Short but Unique

A title that is as long as a paragraph does not get to be fully viewed on Google, which uses up to 55 the search engines for titles. It also becomes harder to share it on social media platforms such as Twitter due to its 140-character limit.

According to an analysis done at HubSpot, headlines between 8–12 words in length got the most Twitter shares on average. As for Facebook, headlines with either 12 or 14 words received the most Likes. Therefore, it depends on where you want to share your content.

It is also important that while you use a short title you are also unique. Search engines will be crowded with similar titles used by many people and your content might not be seen.

I hope these have been helpful tips that will enable you to create catchy blog titles. If you have more tips, share in the comments session.