Starting a new blog is always an adventure. No one knows where it will all lead to. Before you start a blog, think about what you are passionate about. This will be your niche. Think of what you can talk and write about without failing to be consistent. This is because blogging requires publishing of content constantly. Therefore, find out what inspires you every day or what do you want to teach people through an online platform where most people spend their lives today. Remember, people are online either to be entertained or learn something. Use this to think about what you can convincingly blog about which will enable you to figure out your niche.

Once you have found your niche, determine whether it is credible, already popular or will become popular soon enough. In most cases, people tend to start blogging to solve a problem. This could mean, there is probably no blog which clearly states a topic or the topic may be poorly presented. Considering this, here are blog niches in Kenya that have not been well exploited, if you want to start a blog and gain an audience fast enough especially if you are passionate about it.

  1. Governance

Governance is an area which most people will not delve into because of the research required and the allegations that may arise. However, all blogging areas require research and are sometimes criticised because of their contents, so this should not be a reason to not start a governance blog.

This niche will, however, require someone who is an expert or has the knowledge or/and interest in relation to governance, law and politics because it basically deals with how ‘public institutions ought to conduct public affairs and manage public resources’.

  1. Crafts and DIY Projects

Sometimes we get stuck when we want to do a project, more so, simple house projects. People want to build or design furniture and crafts at the comfort of your home.

If you are considering this niche, you could pick specific sub-topics to run with such as DIY crafts for the office or Children Crafts at home.

You can use this crafts blog to show off your crafting skills and earn some extra money too.

  1. Human Rights and Social issues

A blog can be an effective way to expose human rights abuses and bring out all social issues in a country. This are issues that happen every day and in most cases, they are hidden and don’t get the right media coverage. If you are always outraged by human rights abuses and if you think positive social issues are not well outlined in the media, this are niches you could consider.

However, these topics requires one to always publish current content with relevant background information. If you are fearful of starting this type of blog topics because of any legal implications that may occur, government or non-government, you could choose to remain anonymous. Your content should also have information that is true and not accusing someone of all the wrong reasons.

  1. Environment

Kenya has very unique biodiversity and natural resources. However, the public may not be aware of them. Therefore, there is the need to spread awareness. This is especially true for urban residents who are sometimes unaware of the environment around them unless they visit a park outside city boundaries.

An increase in environmental bloggers could educate the public on various topics from waste management, forest habitats, water management and wildlife conservation among other topics.

Blogging about the environment will ensure citizens protect their natural resources and the country’s biodiversity when they get to know its purpose through environmental blogs. 

  1. Education

Are you interested in starting a teacher/educators blog or do you want to learn something more specific? Starting an education blog requires some skill based on teaching, whether formal or informal.

You can share your expertise in writing, which most teachers are known for, and cover topics which include practice, policy, and curriculum development or education technology and even personal teaching formulas.

Good teachers are the experts and their voices need to be at the forefront of the conversation on education. (Reasons why teachers should blog)

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