Communicating increases your influence in every situation. Why is communicating with people so vital, more so as a blogger? “The number one criteria for advancement and promotion for professionals is an ability to communicate effectively.”Ralph G. Nicholas. Therefore, the ability to connect and communicate is a number one criteria for success in your career or business, family, friends, the community and every activity of daily life. If you have the ability to connect with people and not just communicate, it gives you a pivotal edge over others in the advancement of what you want to accomplish in your blogging career.

Here are 5 ways a blogger can improve their communication skills if you want your content to be powerful and make a change in the world.

  1. HAIL

HAIL stands for;

  • Honesty – Being true in what you say, being straight and clear.
  • Authenticity – Being yourself. Standing in your own truth.
  • Integrity – Being your word. Doing what you say and being a blogger people can trust.
  • Love – Wishing people well. This avoids judging others, especially other bloggers within your niche, hence you become an honest and trusted blogger your audience can connect with.

These are the four foundations bloggers can stand on which can improve their communication and be able to greet or acclaim enthusiastically and connect with one’s audience. Being able to write is an amazing tool box which few people are able to use. Connecting with people as a writer or content creator in this way will definitely improve your communication skills.

  1. Tell your story

The ability to tell your story is key as a blogger because once you set up a blog, the world will get to know who are. Presentation matters and how you choose to tell your story will either make you or break you. Why is telling your story important? This is because, when anyone comes across your blog, the person is asking, “Who are you? What do you have? And, Why should I care?”

Your ability to tell your story, your ability to communicate that in a way that will connect with people, in a way that will expand their minds, in a way that will touch their heart, in a way that will cause them to say that this is a blog that can be trusted with the content it contains. This turns out to be important to effectively communicate and connect with your audience.

  1. Use The Language of Leadership.

Words are powerful. Words have destroyed nations and built nations. Your words or content should be able to lift people up. Great leaders use the language of leadership. The words you use are like a framework on the way you see the world. You see the world not as it is but as you are. You see the world through a lens and your language forms that lens of belief. Your lens of believe and your personal filter on reality is as a result of the words you have picked up from the day you were born.

If you grew up around words of victimisation such as ‘I hate this’, ‘Be ordinary’, ‘You can’t do this’ among many others, begin to shift your perspective to a leadership mindset. All the words we have heard from our parents, the media and everyone around us makes all the difference. Create content about opportunities, what inspires you, the future, what is working in your life and what fuels you. You will be able to connect with people in this way and thus improve your communication skills.

Here are more ways you can improve your communication skills and be able to connect with your audience.