You have good content on your blog but the design layout of your blog is not as inviting. The chances of anyone who might cross paths to reading your blog and enjoy your content reduces the minute the design pulls them off. The design is an important aspect of blogging. Strong, appealing content is incredibly important too, but if your post looks difficult to read, or if your blog’s design seems incompetent, then eventually, visitors may not even get to the first line.

A blog should always look inviting, presentable, and easy to read and definitely leave a mark on the visitor who will suggest it to other readers just because the design element was good and not just the content. As a blogger, you don’t want your audience to not give your blog the attention it needs because of your design element.

You may begin to think that you need to get someone and probably pay them to upscale the design on your blog. However, this is not the case. The design could be as simple as possible and not very complex as you may think. You can still do a lot to improve the look of your blog all by yourself.

Once you appreciate these 5 design tips you’ll be able to detect them and the areas you should fix and apply on your own blog.

  1. Choose a common width for all your images and make sure that your paragraph widths are the same for the content area of your blog.
  2. It is good to limit the number of fonts to no more than three. One for post titles, one for the sidebar titles, and another for the post body. Too many fonts tend to make a page look a bit too much. Aim for legible fonts in a readable size. Whatever font you choose, keep legibility in mind.
  3. Do not have a lot of clutter in your sidebar. Widgets that are really offering value and are of top priority are the ones that should be on the sidebar. Don’t put a widget just because you thought it was cool but has no relevance.
  4. Always choose to stick with a clean and simple design. You can play around with different colours and design layouts until you figure out what will work with the visitor. Remember to go for a layout that looks professional and easy to engage with.
  5. Crowded pages can feel claustrophobic and overwhelming to the visitor, even when the blog is well-organized. Have a white or blank space or even well-spaced page elements. This will make those sections easily identifiable and easier to read.

These basic design tips make it easy to think about how to design your blog. They certainly won’t give you web design, graphics and artistic powers, but they should help you create a decent looking blog. If you are a blogger and have more tips like these on design, we would love to hear about them in the comments.

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