When a person decides to start their blog they have specific reasons for doing so. Some broke up with their boyfriend or girlfriend and given the heartbreak they needed an avenue to channel all their anger or sadness, others are at a bad place in life and the only way they can talk it out is through writing, others have seen bloggers making a lot of money and they also want to follow this cash cow and many more other reasons. So i thought it would be interesting to share with you guys the different types of bloggers out there and see which category you fit in.

The part timer

Let’s be honest it has reached a point in Kenya where one cannot survive on their salary alone. They have to look for other sources of income also. Some people use blogging as their part time jobs. They take it seriously yes but it simply not their main source of income.


The blog because the enjoy writing or others use it as an online journal. They blog about anything that fascinates them and do not try to have a clear niche. They have no intention of ever monetizing their blog through Adsense or any sponsored posts. The fact that they blog as a hobby also means they do not have a regular schedule meaning they can post even once in six months. This is normally such a bummer because some of them are actually really good.

The full timer

They live and breathe blogging it is their bread and butter. They have to dish out content daily in order to drive traffic to their website. They know their niche market and they always post strategically with the aim of driving more traffic to their site. They network with different people with the sole purpose of growing their blog and landing a job. They are also the ones who most likely know the ins and out of blogging compared to the other bloggers. If you need advice on blogging these are the people to ask. Full timers are also the most popular bloggers and some are brand names and given the hard work they have put in to their blog this is no surprise.

Corporate blogger

If you go to most company’s websites nowadays you will find that they have a blog. The blog tells you what the company is up to, what it plans for the future some even go as far as featuring their employees. Well I figure you know it’s someone who does this and not a bot. This is a corporate blogger, they blog because it is part of their job description.

The entrepreneur

It has become crucial to have a blog in your website and that is why corporates have it. That being said also entrepreneurs need to have a blog in their website. Having said that truth of the matter is as an entrepreneur you do not have all that cash to dish out and hire someone as writer for your blog so most times they do the writing themselves. An entrepreneur simply blogs for his business.

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