Routine white-collar jobs are no longer the best options to make money. Besides being tedious, they also affect your daily activities due to the little flexibility they offer.

However, there are already tons of online jobs where you can make equivalent amounts of money or even more and are flexible.

Are you stuck on ways to make money from home jobs online? We’ve compiled a list of jobs that can give you time and financial freedom at your point of comfort.

Five best ways to make money online

They include:

Freelance writing

There are thousands of home jobs online, but I would vouch for freelance writing on the higher side. However, making money out of a side hustle shouldn’t be critical. You can always pick on something you are comfortable with and if writing isn’t one of them, go for what you love.

Freelance writing is broad and spans from writing for other people or creating your profile on the notable article writing sites online, and finding clients to write for as they pay.

Additionally, you can write for local dailies and get paid for the work you deliver.

Virtual tutoring

You can make money from home online with virtual tutoring. Select a topic you are well versed on and offer to train students at a fee. Depending on how good you are rated by the students, you will soon start getting more offers, adding more cash to your basket.

Many students are online looking for tutors to mentor them on different subjects plus a little bit more marketing, and you will surely make it.

Become an online fitness trainer

People are continually becoming health conscious, and thus, a higher number of them are considering dieting and signing up for fitness sessions. If working out is your passion, you can make it a source of income by offering online fitness training classes at the comfort of your home.

Take online surveys

Paid surveys can also be a source of income for you while working from home, or you can do it as a side job besides your main job and pocket extra cash. Paid surveys can range from reviews on products or just general feedback on products that can help others make better purchasing decisions. You can as well do surveys of locations and climates to guide tourists visiting new places.

To take online surveys, you can sign up for a free account on some of the top survey sites to start.

Write and publish eBooks.

E-books are a great way to earn from home jobs online. If writing is your passion, you can write an eBook and sell it online. With that one book, you will make thousands of sales while not incurring the cost to print them out.

Alternatively, you can find an already published book and license it to publish it online.

Irrefutably, the 21st century has presented many avenues to make money that we can’t afford to ignore besides the one I’ve compiled above. Adding to the expensive lifestyles and the cities that we live in, we all at some point wanted to have an extra job to be free financially.

For example, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2020 worldwide cost of living survey, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Osaka jointly make up the most expensive cities to live in globally.