Intellectual Property rights exist to protect the creative works of the owner. In blogosphere, Intellectual Property rights aims to protect the original content of the blogger. As a result, you become in control of your creative works because of  intellectual property rights. Remember, different authors put blogs in different forms .A blog is a private property because of the original content .As a consequence, the owners are able to seek  Intellectual property rights.

As usual ,blogging is supposed to be a place for open and free  exchange of ideas and information. Therefore, should not be guided by rules as some of you may think . On the other hand, blogging has become a business for many. Thus, can be an alternative or a primary income  for bloggers who publish original content. To protect your own original content, this article presents to you various  tips  on intellectual property rights. The tips  that you should know as the original content creator. Enjoy reading to know your rights.

Intellectual Property tips for bloggers

Protect your brand.

Intellectual Property rights allows you to protect your brand. Some of you blog with the plan to brand your site or yourself. Suppose you succeed, you will have now owned a  trademark right. Your domain name may or may not be the same as your blog title. Owning a domain name does not protect the brand .This happens even if the domain name and blog title are the same. Trade marks law  secures trade marks rights arising from your blog .

Therefore ,It is important  to register blogs .There are benefits when you register your blogs. First and foremost , ,registration puts everyone on notice of your rights .If you register your  blog title ,a trade mark search will find it immediately .Even if no search is performed ,your registration provides constructive notice to everyone .If another blogger decides to use a blog title similar to yours ,your registration is a powerful tool to shut that other blogger down .Secondly, an importance of registering your blog is that the registration becomes an important financial asset .Even if you ever wanted to sell your blog ,the registration will add value .

Protection of your content as an Intellectual Property right .

Who doesn’t like to protect the content that you have struggled to create yourself? Protecting your own content should be like a priority to you. Pay attention to some of the important things about copywrite law. Unless you have the attitude that everything you publish should be in public domain. In blogosphere you call it ‘scrapper ‘ while Intellectual property lawyers  call it ‘infringers .

The tip is for bloggers who don’t want scrappers. The same applies to other copycat artists who are too lazy to write their own stuff. Similarly , to those who are looking for shortcuts to page links. In case you take a legal action against someone who copied your content, your failure to use a copywrite note will not add value your case.

Practically, readers check on a copywrite notice. If you don’t display it ,they assume your content is in public domain. Use a notice to discourage those who may not know better. The notice must include the word ‘copyright ‘ .Similarly your name and  year of first publication of your content must appear .If you already established a  blog ,it means you should use  a range of years reflecting that you have regularly updated the content .

Respecting  third party graphic content as an intellectual property right .

Giving respect  the third-party graphic content is important according to the intellectual property rights. Just like in any field of profession where you ought to professionally respect other people , so is in the blogosphere. Most bloggers like to add attractive graphics and photos. Photos are just for aesthetics and not further educate the reader on the subject matter of the post.

If you import third party photos or graphics to your blog, be sure that it is a public domain material. Remember that just because you publish a graphic on web without a copyright notice, third party material  modify it as if you owned it.

Watch your SEO metadata.

In data management ,you should consider intellectual property rights . I know you all agree that meta tags are one of the best tools in the items of a search marketer . Wanting  to rank high in search? accompany your metatags with  content that is of high quality. This is just to ensure that your users are satisfied .

For the sake of intellectual property rights, avoid plant product names on your keyword. This is mainly done to drive traffic to your website. It is a mislead advise! This usage creates legal risk because the law is all over. If you attempt to use third party trademarks to your blog. The SEO will never read ‘Good’

As a blogger, what’s your views on Intellectual Property rights? Your comments here !