SEO is worthy giving priority in 2022 as the year moves on. Search Engine Optimization [SEO] needs to be at the top of your priority list if you want people to find you on google results. You won’t be able to generate leads to your business if nobody can find you .You should know that most experience in the internet start with a search engine. If someone makes a search ,what happens ?

The top results on the goggle have about 30% chance of getting clicked .That means if you are not number one on the page ,you just missed out on a third of the potential traffic .Most people will not click on the second part of the search results .The reason why other websites are ranking higher than you on goggle is because they are making a deliberate effort to improve their SEO .Unfortunately ,it is not late for you to start .There are certain things that you can do to increase your chances of getting ranked higher on Google Searches .

Ways to Improve your SEO ranking

Optimize your website

Focus on your page load speeds .How long does it take your site to load on both desktop and mobile .Responsiveness ,user interface and user experience play a role in determining how long a visitor will spend on your website .Basically ,the easier it is to navigate your website the more responsive it is and clearer its content ,the likelier you are to attract traffic ,retain visitors and rank on page results .Tips to optimize your website include ;eliminating unnecessary code and scripts .Replace clustered designs with clean , web-optimized images .Also ,use content formats that make your web-pages easily scannable .

Target accurate Keywords to boost SEO ranking .

The accuracy of the Keywords you use really matter. Keywords are not too complicated. As a matter of fact, rely on your audiences when searching for a suitable Keyword. Use the keywords that people and your audience often talk about as far as your topic is concerned. That is ,the ones that sound right to your audience and  writing style.

Keywords are words and phrases that are relevant to the customers search inquiry. It is not a matter of including keywords in your content. It is good if you use the right Keywords. Social media forums like Reddit and Quora always discuss the problems your business is trying to solve. Therefore, they are excellent source of keywords and phrases. Similarly, you can check on online tools to find and make a comparison on the trending words. You can use Google trends and Free keyword tool mainly to boost your keyword choice

Create longer better content.

Creating a longer and better content can improve your SEO ranking .It all depends with your niche or the time you spend in writing .Some of you might wonder whether your audience will read the longer content .As a matter of fact ,if people are interested in reading on a certain topic ,the will spend more time on it .This happens especially when you are writing about new trends .Don’t be limited in writing .Keep on !

Keep in mind headers as you create your content. Headers make your content easier to search. Dividing your content into well labelled sections make it easy for readers to quickly locate the information they need. Remember that content is the life blood of any online page. People visit your website because of the quality of your content that can make them to return. Excellent content is relevant, well -formatted and easy to read. Involves engaging in language that is easy to digest.

Track your website traffic to enhance SEO ranking .

Tracking your website enables you to understand how to attract more visitors. At the same time, it enhances conversational rates. Website traffic is the number of visits and engagements your website receives. To facilitate this, you can set up a website tracking software. It enables to collect data on your website as you make decisions

As you track your website traffic, knowing which points are successful tells you what works. Knowing which posts don’t perform is an opportunity to experiment. Google analytics is an example of a tool for tracking traffic. It offers user inputs to traffic. For instance, the amount of detail it offers allows you to track on customers exact journey through your site. You can also see the keywords that your site pages rank for.

Start link building

Links are connections between webs. When a website connects to yours the link is called a backlink. The more backlinks your website has, the higher it will rank on Google. However, because there is a lot of spam and untrustworthy information on the internet, Google does not rank all links equally. It’s also possible for sites to classify the links they are on reputable ,not reputable  or sponsored .

Willing to get ranked high in google searches ? Utilize SEO tactics this year and follow us for more !