Gender equality has started being given a priority in Kenya and society at large. You live in a society that is full of injustice and discrimination based on gender. It is therefore important to have a just society that protects the rights and the privileges of all. Gender equality is where both the female and the male have equal rights and opportunities. National governments and Non-Governmental Organizations have jointly made a lot of efforts to promote equality.

More efforts have been towards empowering the girl-child. The girl child has for a long time been assumed to have been highly discriminated against as a result of the assumption of what is perceived to be a male-dominated society. Gender equality and inclusiveness leads to economic, political, and social development thus must take a center stage in key decision-making tables. Willing to know about gender equality and its priorities? Read more in this article 

What are the priority sectors that advocate for gender equality?

Parliament and Leadership positions have maintained Gender equality.

Today’s parliament and leadership positions have accommodated both genders. As you could have noticed in our country, women have for a long time been neglected to contest for leadership positions. Positions such as being a member of parliament have been a preserve for males.

Leadership positions such as heads of various institutions and key decision-making bodies were all dominated by males. Few junior positions were left for females. Today, the women’s representative position, for instance, was initiated to bridge that gap so that the female may also have a test, especially in the governance arena. 

Preventing and responding to Gender-Based Violence

Preventing and responding to gender-based violence has been a norm nowadays.  Sexual Gender-Based Violence programs are available at the community level. The programs are always aligned by the national objectives hence aim to influence policy reforms. Similarly, programs strengthen the delivery of post-rape care and community support services. The target is often to populations that are vulnerable.

The most at risk include adolescent girls and young women, female sex workers. The work is majorly conducted in line with the national standards on emergency contraception and STD infection screening. HIV  testing and the provision of counselling services are always referred to as referrals. 

Law Reforms to enhance gender equality 

Laws must be reformed to create an enabling environment so that both genders can survive. Both genders must have equal rights and opportunities. This enables you to be able live free from any form of unnecessary discrimination. Women equality and empowerment is the 5th out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs]. This shows that women have been accommodated in the development agender.

As a result, women cannot be discriminated against when it comes to developmental matters. What a great step to ensure equality in terms of gender!. Also, you must be given freedom in their public and private spheres. Today, both genders are being given equal access to education. This is  unlike in the past where girl-child didn’t go to school due to early marriages 


Can gender equality prevent enhance? Having gender-equal societies actually promotes peace and prevents unnecessary violence. Some of you say that gender equality is the first predictor of peace. Equality in gender is preferred more than the state’s wealth and level of democracy. Creating a society of gender justice means creating a collective power rather than a dominating power.

Strengthening accountability and promoting a progressive gender perspective enhances efforts.  This prevents conflict and promotes peace at both the local, national levels. As a matter of fact, it promotes effective and meaningful participation of women in peace and security matters

 In Economic Empowerment.

Who does know that economic development is important in every society? It is, therefore, necessary to empower both genders economically. Improving gender equality has a strong positive impact on GDP per capita that grows over time. There is a positive impact on measures of economic growth due to equality in Science and Technology and high labour market participation due to a lower gender pay gap.

Higher gender equality facilitates economic growth by allowing better allocation of a valuable resources. Gender equality has been conclusively shown to increase economic growth. This has been proven especially in countries with a high unemployment rate and less economic opportunity.


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