Naming your blog is one important aspect that most bloggers must always keep in mind. The name you give to your blog will make your blog attract more readers or fail. By naming your blog, you intend to grow with it just like you can name your own baby which you want to grow with it. Make sure that the name that you come up with is original and not too specific so that you can come up with your niche. It enables you to scale your readership and expand your opportunities as you make money.

Also, you’ll want to ensure that your blog name ideas are catchy, short, and sweet. It should be easy to find you and effortless to always remember you. Remember that part of the branding strategy and making your readers always remember you is to keep a lasting blog name that can be utilized in the unforeseeable future. The article, therefore, explains strategic ways to implement blog naming. Stay tuned!

Strategies to employ in blog naming

Always identify your niche before naming.

Identifying your niche and what you intend to write about is crucial in naming your blog. Ask yourself what you are doing and what your blog will all be about. It should be clear in your mind whether it will be an extension of your business or own project. Identifying what your blog will be about is key to defining the name hence expanding with you.

The blog name will represent your unique point of view in your industry or niche. Make it match the aesthetic of your blog and define it. It should also define the mood you want to give your readers when they visit your blog’s homepage. Should also be descriptive of the type of content you publish.

Always remember that a blog name is that which is short and memorable. It should be self-explanatory to your niche. Most blog names may use metaphors to convey a unique and deeper meaning. Some may use puns to give a playful twist to the name.

Conduct your thorough research.

Doing research is important before you decide to name your blog. You may decide to look at what prominent blogs in your industry are doing. Take note of what you like or what you don’t like and use their blogs as a springboard for what readers in your industry like to see. Look for how these blogs are branding, the name of the blogs, and probably the response their content receives.

Always think about how your blog will stand out from others. As you do so, find out if any of the blog names you are thinking of are already being used. For instance, you might start with a simple google search. Once you have found a name that is free, make sure that the domain is also available and consider registering your chosen name to protect it  . That’s the way you can define how you want your brands to be perceived and how you want them to grow within the market you choose.

Think about the message.

Your thoughts concerning the message involve what you want to communicate. Consider your message now, the present message, and your message in the future. For instance, when looking over your Five-Year plan, does your message expand as your website or blog does, and will your blog name still reflect that?

Use a blog name generator during the naming

A blog name generator simply enables you to identify a blog name that is catchy and unique for your blog. As you brainstorm ideas by thinking about your niche and message, write down keywords. You can input the keywords in a blog name generator to help you get started with a few ideas. For instance, you can use Theme isle’s Blog Name Generator, Domain Wheel. This is simply a starting point to help you brainstorm more ideas

Important to consider is your target audience.

Target audiences are your customers as a blogger. As a result, one of the things to consider and keep in mind is those who read your blogs. Ask yourself whether your target audience will change from time to time. Also, note whether you want people to grow with your brand. It is therefore important to keep in mind that the target audience might change with you and therefore there is a need for your name to have a timelessness to it.

Keep your brand in mind

As your think about naming your blog, always keep your brand in mind. If your writing a blog for your business, for instance, your blog name should be linked to your brand. You may use the same font, colour or use a play on words. The ultimate goal is that you want people to know that it is your blog. In addition, important to consider is that the overall brand messaging should be consistent across the blog, main homepage, and social media platforms. Aiming to implement the best blog naming strategies? follow us for me.