I know starting a blog in 2022 feels too late but it isn’t. Like any other thing in life, it’s still never too late to start a blog and the good thing with blogging is that it requires little expertise.

There are more people interested in reading blog posts than ever due to high internet penetration and over 1000 niches that are yet to be explored. Approximately 7.5 million blogs are created each day and potentially 77 per cent of internet users read blogs which means you still have potential readers to your blog.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can start your blog.

How to start a blog in 2022

Here are some of the key steps to start a blog

Step 1: Find a blog name

A blog name is the identity of your blog. It should describe what exactly your blog is about and what you are going to write about. Once you have this, you can do a small search of your blog name to check if the name is available.

Step two: Find a domain extension

After a successful name review, the second stop will be a domain extension. A domain extension is basically a combination of characters following the period in a web address. The most common domain addresses include: .com, .net, .gov, .biz, .mobi, .us. While anyone can use a preferred domain extension, some of the extensions like .gov are only meant for government institutions and .biz is designed mostly for businesses.

Alternatively, you can get a niche-specific premium domain name that will still represent what you are or who you are.

Step 2: Get your blog online

This steps entail registering your blog and getting hosting these are the most necessary steps to get your blog running. A blog host keeps all your blog files and delivers them to the users and your blog can only go live if you have a host.

We have several blog hosting site that include WordPress, wix.com bluehost, medium and blogger.com. Most of them for instance WordPress offer free blog hosting options that you can use for a start. Here’s also a list of webhosting sites you can use.

Customize your blog

For a start all you need is a good theme, basically the look and feel of your blog. There are 1001 themes on wordepress that you can choose from and most if not all are absolutely free.

and finally, you can write your first post and share it.

When all these steps are done, remember to share your blog. Rome wasn’t built in one day so is your blog. Share your pieces of writing to your friends, the online communities and any other relevant sources. Those small steps count.