Creating networks with other bloggers is vital in the blogosphere. As you create more networks, your blogs can be promoted as many bloggers and experts will be in touch with them. A huge part of being a successful blogger also depends on what you do to promote your blog. One of the most effective ways to promote and grow your blog is to network with other bloggers. Connecting with other relevant bloggers helps you to reach new audiences and increase readership. Also strengthens your reputation, and builds meaningful relationships.

You cannot just focus on writing content and hope to grow your community of readers. Also, in blogging, when you go it alone you may not realize that success. To realize momentum, you must go with other people including fellow bloggers.  Remember that the world of blogging is ever-changing and problems that you don’t understand might come up. Can you solve them alone? Of course, no. You need to consult and utilize other bloggers through networks. Your blogging networks are your greatest resource. This article will focus mainly on the practical ways to create networks with other blogs.

Ways to create networks with other bloggers.

Insert links to other blogs in your content.

The linking strategy is one of the good steps towards making your blog grow. It is important for you to insert inbound links and to link to external websites and credible websites. Linking to other blogs in your posts is important in the connection process. Everyone always appreciates the link back to their content.

Start by identifying the list of bloggers in your niche. Make it to a point to link to posts that can add value to your content. Once your post is alive, it is important for you to reach out to the other blogger. Let the other blogger know that you have linked to their posts. This initiates conversations and makes your blogs get noticed.

Create expert round up posts

Export round posts include a collection of opinions from experts in a particular niche. Creating expert round-up posts helps to network your blog also. Involving views from experts is also an opportunity to add high-quality content to your blog and drive traffic. It also helps to build relationships. Creating expert round posts involves choosing an interesting topic. You read it out to experts for their opinions and write an engaging post showcasing their opinion with a link back to their blogs.

The blogger must choose a compelling topic that expert bloggers will be willing to comment on. How do you find the right experts who will have something valuable to say in your blog? You can always engage them o contact them via Email, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Commenting on fellow bloggers posts

Do you always leave comments after reading other blogs? If you have not been commenting, you should begin doing so. Commenting on blog posts is a skill that many bloggers tend to be lazy at. Engaging with other bloggers’ posts and leaving valuable comments enables your blog to stand out and easily get noticed. Your comment should be qualitative enough to be effective but not just mere commenting. You might even choose to ask relevant questions. By asking a qualitative question, it shows that you have read the article.

Share their content on social media

If you want people to share your blog content, you need to share theirs too. Start following the bloggers on your target list and engage with them on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.In fact, liking, sharing, and commenting on their social media posts gives you visibility. It also lays down the foundation for new connections. Use tools like Buffer and Buzzsumo to discover and share content on social media platforms

Exchange guest posts

Guest blogging is a very powerful inbound marketing strategy. It has several benefits such as improving SEO ranking, driving traffic, building credibility, and increasing reach. Guest blogging also facilitates proper networking with other bloggers. If you want to expand your network more, you should consider accepting guest posts on your blog. It gives other bloggers an opportunity to reach out to you and contribute insightful content.

While guest posting is an effective way to make connections, make sure that you don’t compromise on the quality of your blog content. Your readers will always want to find your blog posts valuable.

Join relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups

Facebook and LinkedIn groups give you access to a huge number of like-minded people like fellow bloggers and potential clients. You should use these spaces to expand your networks by striking conversations, building authority, and learning from the community. Just like leaving comments on other people’s blog posts, commenting on Facebook and LinkedIn groups highlights a deep understanding of the topic.

Participate in Twitter chats

Twitter chat usually involves a host asking 6 to 10 questions with a hashtag and an opening floor for discussion. Twitter chats are like virtual networking events. Participating in the Twitter chat is a way to get noticed. You can share your opinions, establish expertise as you network with other bloggers in the niche

Willing to promote your blogs? Embrace networks now!