1. Microblogging site Tumblr is launching a tip jar, a feature that will allow users to drop a buck or two to appreciate the work of bloggers online. unlike other social media sites that have a designated landing page, users on Tumblr can submit their tips on specific posts.

The launch comes a few months after Tumblr launched Post + to allow creators to charge a monthly fee for exclusive posts that wasn’t welcomed positively.

Though Tumblr is yet to disclose the exact subscription numbers on post +, paywalls haven’t been really a success unless for very international media outlets, very few creators have taken off with paywalls and it was clear Post+ wouldn’t work out either.

Tumblr will not have a cut on the tip jar but creators will have to shoulder credit card fees of about 2.9 per cent taken off tips. Fans can send tips of up to $100 each.

Users who choose not to tip anonymously can leave a note on their tip while anonymous tippers won’t be able to leave any notes though all tips will be displayed publicly.

The feature will be first made available in the US market then roll out progressively to other countries globally.

Once made available, tipping will be available on the desktop for both iOS and Android users.