What’s your new year blogging goal?  What are you planning to capitalize on for 2022?

There are so many blogging trends and strategies that you can bank on to take your blog a notch higher with better and positive returns than the preceding periods.

Every month, there are over eight million blog posts that are uploaded worldwide by bloggers and the competition keeps growing. How can you stay competitive in such a bloomed market? You need to set better trends and adopt the latest content marketing strategies to stay on top of the game.

Blogging is continually becoming an essential lead generation tool for even established brands. For instance, B2B companies that have blogs have reported over 67 per cent more leads than those who do not.

In this article, we will highlight some of the biggest blogging trends to look out for in 2022.

Blogging trends to capitalize on this year

Visual content

Visuals make your content more interactive. Human beings are naturally visual being even in normal circumstances. If you post an article that has more visuals let’s say infographics, it will have more views than those without.

An earlier survey by Nielsen Norman Group on how users read on the web notes that people rarely read on the web pages word by word. instead, they scan the pages to pick out individual words and sentences. Only 16 per cent of users read word by word.

Adding images and videos to your content breaks up huge chunks of text and offers your audience a  more connective way of reading your content.

Guest blogging

Guest posting doesn’t give you author attribution but it’s good in building your site’s SEO. Normally, when you write posts for others on your blog, you are allowed to insert links from their original websites and yours which in return improves your overall SEO and search ranking.

Most bloggers and content creators dismiss guest posts as they think they bring less value because of the attribution. This year, make it a routine to guest blog.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an important factor in today’s blogosphere. Regardless of the intention of creating that blog, having something that brings you a monetary value on the site without breaking your arms and legs is a big win.

And the good thing with affiliate marketing is linking you with new audiences while generating sales.

To get ahead with affiliate marketing, create a model of what type of content your target audience needs. Then, you create content or join affiliate programs that are based on these models.

Subsequently, after you publish said content, you get feedback data act accordingly. Crudely, this is what data-driven blogging or content creation means.

Mentioning the right affiliate products on your blog that align with your content will help you hit greater website KPIs.


Originality in blogging sounds so normal but the thing is, having an original content blog makes it rank higher.

Imagine having 100 per cent original content on your blog? this means your blog will attract a large audience because of the uniqueness of your content rather than having it copied from somewhere else.

Over time, users when looking for content will start with your blog for unique content before exploring other blogs.

Google on the other hand greatly appreciates originality in content and in return ranks websites with original content much higher than those with auto-generated, copied and plagiarized content.

Post frequency

There are content creators who post once a week and their blogs are thriving but the truth is, consistency is key to building a better blog. If users know there’s always something new to find once they visit your blog, they will dive into your content every time they need something to read.

Blogs that post content daily get at least 5 times more traffic compared to those that don’t while marketers who prioritize blogging effort are 13 per cent more likely to get a positive ROI according to research by a social examiner.

What unique blogging trends are you capitalizing on this year? Share with us.