Automation limits putting more work and hours into blogging which doesn’t always yield better results. As busy bloggers, you have faced a multitude of different tasks hence the benefit of implementing automation and making use of the prescribed automation tips and tools.  . This is mainly to save hours of work which could be spent creating new content, producing aspiring and quality content while engaging your readers most frequently. This is unlike most bloggers who lose valuable time on mostly low-value instead of attending to the most important and necessary tasks.

Bloggers aim at saving each hour weekly and maximizing the time for high-value tasks. At the same time, avoid unnecessary steps from your blogging process to be on the same page with today’s fast-paced online world. The online world which now embraces automatic blogging has been around since the early 2000s and has gained popularity. More quality content began to matter with the birth of Search Engines such as Google. In this article, you will find ideas, tools, and strategies for automation that will turn you into high technology, time-saving, super-optimized blogger and an understanding of why you should automate your blog.

Tools and Tips to automate your blog.

Automatically share new articles on social media

You can use Zapier to speed up the progress of your blog. . Zapier is an online tool that enables different apps to ‘talk’ to each other. For instance, you can integrate WordPress with social media apps so that every time you publish something new in your blog, it gets automatically pushed to Buffer. This will enable the content to be posted on Twitter, Facebook with Zapier. You don’t have to know how to code to use it.

Hiring a General Virtual Assistant [GVA]

The GVA is to accelerate your blogging successes. Hiring a GVA is a significant step towards higher productivity and success in the blogosphere.  A well-trained virtual assistant can control scheduling social media posts, doing keyword research, sourcing the best ideas and statistics for new articles, editing, and proofreading.

Some of the common Virtual Assistant responsibilities are administrative tasks but they have specialized skills hence can do more responsibilities; for instance, managing your Emails which is one of the time-wasters to most bloggers. Imagine you get a new Email notification that requires you to look at it and know what it is all about, you suddenly lose your flow and it takes lots of time to go back. GVA can also assist in answering your phone calls which are disruptive just like Emails. It is necessary to delegate such tasks to the GVA so as to stay focused.

Use of IFTTT [If This Then That].

If This Then That is a free-web-based app that allows you to automate many processes around blogging and SEO through the use of conditional statements called ‘applets ‘. After Zapier, it is the best app out there for automation and it is easy to use. IFTTT supports more than 500 web services and provides a library with hundreds of ready-to-use applets you can use to automate your daily tasks. For Word Press users, IFTTT means more connections to a large number of web services, higher automation, and productivity in Online activities

Proof Reading and Editing your Blog posts with Grammarly.

Apps like Ginger and Grammarly help you to proofread your content much faster. Ginger, for instance, automatically detects typos and minor grammar issues and solves them for you. After you have done with this first clean-up, you should paste your content to the Grammarly Editor for further sculpting. Grammarly will spot so many different errors and will you to fix them easily.

Write your blog posts with Dictation  software

In a world where voice recognition devices like Alexa or Google Home already play an essential role, it is only a matter of time when people will start moving away from the use of Keyboards. An app called Nuance Dragon can be used to write a blog post on your blog. It is not only quicker but also convenient. Besides the accuracy in voice recognition out-of-the-box, the app has a host of voice commands you can edit and format your blog articles. You can also use it in any text -editor hence coming in when you are writing E-mails or Social media messages.

Clearly define your blog growth process flow.

You need a blueprint that will lead to the results you are trying to achieve with your blog; that’s traffic, money, email subscribers, and fame. Most bloggers, when it comes to their workflow, check on platforms like Social media for some ideas, then they might opt to send out a couple of outreach Emails and then probably come out with a  draft of a new blog post. You have to stop this and come up with a well-defined -step by step process.

You should embrace a straightforward way of blogging; Come up with great Keyword ideas and document them, create an outline for the article in Google Docs, write the content as fast as possible, proofread and edit the content, publish the content on WordPress, promote the content on the social media especially Pinterest.

Automatically back up your WordPress

Many bloggers all over the world tend to lose their previous work because of hacking or software issues. Imagine that occurs to you yet you had an outstanding blog growth process flow!. When it happens, you can create an automatic backup for your blog with Plug-ins like UpdraftPlus or WP database Backup. The Plug-ins will take your blog content and upload it as a zip package to your google drive or dropbox and now in case you lose access to your site, you can bring everything back comfortably without many struggles

Benefits of automating your blog posts

Consistent content.

The secret with walking around is that it simply boosts your thinking ability and helps you come up with lots of ideas while you’re anywhere at any given time and all you need is to store all your ideas in one place.

You can then download Evernote on your smartphone and sync it with your writing app called Zapier. Once you are satisfied with an idea, you give the note a ‘done’ tag. Zapier will simply copy the text from Evernote to a new Google Doc.   Blogs with consistent and quality content that always gets the best placement in the Search Engines like google. Those who read your blog are most likely to come back.

Limits frequent writing.

It enables you to take off some of the writing stress and probably you get everything done such as ideating, scheduling, and formating. You simply set up your work. Tasks like transferring content from one app to another, formatting, and scheduling can be done automatically when you are at sleep!

Utilizes blogger’s time better. 

 With the use of automation, the bloggers are allowed to use talent and more so to do best like creating indigenous plans to eliminate costs. Gives humans enough time to perform equally critical tasks like making important decisions which are critical and innovative methods that innovative systems can’t perform. There is also a chance to avoid manual and repetitive tasks, have the power to streamline tasks, decrease room for human error thus most online content creators can have time for others hence more focusing on valuable work.

For instance, if you are a professional blogger or even an amateur, you can automate functions so that attention and focus can be on building relationships with potential followers, other bloggers, organizing training, upskilling programs, and improving your relations with followers.

With automation, better projections can be made.

While implementing automation thus saving their time and energy, can direct much focus on the current trends, current plans, and future plans as they keenly look at the general running and progress of their blog. This enables them to come up with various strategies hence attaining the goals and the vision of their enterprises. 

Automation is important for your blog, you should adopt it to enhance productivity in your online work