Unlike the 2020 digital marketing trends that were so inclined on smartphone sales, the  2021 digital marketing trends have shifted views and opinions on what matters most to the people.

The impact of the Covid -19 Pandemic further alienated traditional marketing-backed activities like physical events and in-person participation hence making digital communications channels most effective and ideal in targeting clients and customers.

What are the notable trends in Digital marketing?

Video Content.

People are consuming video content in greater quantities. Human beings are continuing to absorb visuals like  Images, illustrations and video, unlike written content. People prefer watching a short video to reading a  long article hence a dominating trend 

In the world of marketing, clients are being convinced to buy a product or a brand after watching a short clip of video hence more marketers are investing their time and resources in video marketing. Could you be one of those who are using this strategy? Video content is one of the most influential marketing strategies especially in this age where potential customers are using smartphones to buy videos online.

Multi-Channel marketing.

Customers always want to interact with various brands whenever they are; either when they are at home or through the accessible digital device. This means your marketing strategy must reach them through the channel they frequently use and you also need to provide Multi-Channel customer support.

Since customers want accessibility and convenience, businesses that provide Multi-Channel customer service always retain a large number of their customers compared to those companies that do not utilize such trends.

Conversational Marketing 

Businesses have been engaging in conversations since time memorial with their customers. Social media and live chat are some of the Channels. Live chat is what makes conversational marketing be in the spotlight as most customers are always happy with live-chat experiences. Conversational marketing entails talking to customers especially when it’s convenient for them. It could be through live chat, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp depending on the conversational Channel, they are comfortable with.

there has been a spike in the use of chatbots in 2021 to offer customers assistance, schedule an appointment or sometimes when they need your help on social media pages. 

Data-driven marketing.

Most marketers are keenly and continuously scrutinizing the customers’ data to serve them better. You can access customers’ insights that can be used to direct business strategies or how to best deal with the customers. Analyzing market metrics has become one of the most sought skills in the current world of digital marketing. Data analysis is one of the skills that digital marketers desire hence a very fundamental trend to adapt.

Your marketing data tells you concerning how much traffic your Website gets, how long they stay on your website and the number of pages they visit. It also reveals how effective your marketing campaigns are in terms of attracting new customers.

Tells you the number of customers that you have retained and the ones that you have lost over a given period of time, and most importantly the customer satisfaction level including the areas where they might be happy or not that need improvement.

Nostalgia marketing

Evoking feelings such as joy, anger, and sometimes pride are very fundamental as they are perceived to be swaying customers. Advertisements that bring feelings and nostalgia are the ones that attract customers since they are perceived to be very powerful.

Nostalgia marketing uses images, pop culture references, music to stir up some feelings, and they are always centred around time period, fashion, dance or music, food, festivals, and sometimes some seasonal events like Esther holidays. Why are just Nostalgic feelings used as a trend? They are the ones that motivate the customers to pay money and sometimes be willing to donate more 

 Customer Privacy and Security.

The current customers are so attached to security and as they get services online, they they prefer people who haveImplemented stricter security protocols in keeping customers’ information safe.

When customers’ private data is exposed, their trust in your company is compromised and it is hard to regain them again.

Different companies globally are implementing Customer verification protocols such as Biometric Identification and Know Your Customer [KYC] verification. What about an Email Subscription? Indeed, to receive Email subscription lists and promotions, marketing must obtain permission from various customers.

Social Customer Relations Management [CRM]

Social CRM is basically the integration of Social Media channels into Customer Relations Management [CRM] software. While using the Social CRM, you can collect richer information on your customers such as their environment, interests, hobbies, and their perception concerning your brand which enables in publishing more relevant content.

You can also monitor your conversation with your customers concerning a given brand thus a very indispensable trend among other trends. You can see what type of content perform better, how much traffic you are attracting, and probably the number of followers that you may be losing 

Frictionless Customer Experience.

Customers always have high expectations as the digital world has made shopping much quicker and convenient. As a result, any obstacle that comes in their way may them think otherwise and opt to go to a company that meets their needs.

You need to identify where the friction points are from the start of the Customers journey through to the After-sales services to create a frictionless customer experience. Friction may occur for instance in circumstances where there is poor customer service resulting in long waits, slow responses and not resolving the customers’ query on time, or failure to give them the first priority.

You are now at the end of 2021, the year which we have experienced a lot of adjustments and experience especially in the marketing sector  

Were the trends in digital -marketing experience an expectation to you in 2021? Leave your comments here?