Is there any blogger who aims at having a site; be it for personal blogging or for business without an ultimate goal? Of course not!. Everyone is always determined to grow their blog. Listening to your customers especially their positive feedback and giving them a priority is one way to advance in blogging.

Feedback from the people who visit your website can help you be a smart and diligent decision-maker concerning content creation, production promotion and growing your brand. To get the best out of feedback, a good blogger consistently listens to the customers’ voices as they search for opinions their clients publish on social media and reviews they provide on websites designed for gathering feedback using distinct kinds of surveys.

The essence of customer feedback to your brand

While feedback specifically appreciates hard work and motivates us to carry on to the best of our abilities, it boosts the sense of achievement which is a powerful source of motivation. It is the internal sense of achievement that is the primary driver to the online content creator. Effective positive feedback should be relevant to the person’s tasks and situation, should be specific and refer directly to a specific achievement, should be timely positive feedback hence the quicker the better and also should be valuable to fulfil the internal need of being appreciated.

How do you make use of positive customer feedback?

product development

There is a possibility of generating  new product ideas from customers feedback. Information that brands collect from their customers can help to develop a product with the customers really needs hence an answer to their pain points. To upgrade a product or develop a new one according to the customer needs ,you need to be asking your target audience the right set of questions such as ; the new features that could help your product differentiate from competitors, improvements that could improve product usability , suggestions from customers for correlative products and questions concerning the new markets .

Create a better customer experience

The success of any company or blogger lies in positive customer experience . An effective method to improve a seamless customer experience at every touchpoint is to ask customers for feedback to find out what they like about your product or services or what should be improved . Most customers don’t buy products because products are good but the unique experiences and value you provide are what keeps them loyal

Use Customers as your advocates

When most of the customers come from business referrals, it can be said that you know your advocates well and therefore after collecting feedback in one place ,it would be easy to identify customers that are satisfied with your products and services . To nurture them and eventually to turn them into really bands of advocates ,customers need to feel appreciated maybe by giving them small incentives like discounts ,thank you notes ,freebies with an aim of making a difference .

Use customer feedback as a proof on the website

Customer reviews are one of the credible and reliable sources then of course advertisement may follow . For instance ,brands who ensure that  opinions and reviews are easily accessible to visitors hence are assumed to be on the right path to gain new customers . Obviously ,when visitors have direct insight into their customers reviews ,it encourages them to become customers too .

Team motivation

Positive customer feedback can help to aspire employees . In case the feedback is positive and refers to a certain feature which ,for instance , a certain employee has been involved in one way or the other in the development of that feature ,the employee gets motivated and inspired hence can put in most of their  effort to build another great feature that customers may like again .

Measure customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers always recommend brands that they are happy with . That exact feedback is the most genuine way to get new customers satisfaction with the feedback they receive .Net Promoter System [NPS] aims to measure customer satisfaction thus measuring how willing a customer is to recommend a brands of product or services to other people .Used to gauge customer satisfaction with the belief that when the customers are very satisfied with the brand ,they will not hesitate to recommend the products or services to people .The Net Promoter System [NPS] divides the customers into three categories namely ; the promoters who are loyal customers and have positive experiences ; the passives who are customers that are loyal and the detractors who are customers that are dissatisfied with products and services .

Increase your retention rate

You can also use this feedback to build trust with your audience and increase your retention rate .Allowing the customer feedback in circumstances where the customer needs to unsubscribe or cancel can make the customer to turn the experience and in case of the customer unsubscribed to an email because they have not been receiving enough notifications or promotions ,you could stop them from their decisions with maybe free gifts or discounts .

I hope you have enjoyed the article . Have you ever shown any reaction to an online work ?  What prompted  you to react ?