The fortunes of YouTube content creators in Kenya are looking further up after YouTube announced that you will receive up to Sh1.1 million pay every month for any 15-second videos uploaded.

According to YouTube, a new Sh10.98 billion ($100 million) fund has been created for distribution among content creators will between 2021 and 2022, who made exciting and engaging content on the video platform.

Thousands of eligible creators will benefit from the fund each month as a bonus payment and this will be based on how their content performed the previous month.

Initially, only content creators from Nigeria, South Africa, India, UK and US were eligible for the fund and the platform had promised to include other countries later on.

“Creators can receive up to Sh1.1 million ($10,000) based on viewership and engagement of their Shorts content. To qualify, channels must meet the minimum eligibility requirements refreshed each month to give other creators the opportunity to receive a reward for their creative and unique Shorts,” Youtube said in a statement.

The performance of the videos to qualify for the bonus payment will be gauged by the location of the viewers as well as the overall growth of shorts.

The Shorts Fund is the first step in building a monetisation model for Shorts on YouTube and is a chance for creators to earn and build their growing businesses as the world focuses on economic recovery.

“Across the world, Shorts creators have already attracted millions of subscribers via their shorts-only channels,” read another part of the statement

The platform also revealed that Kenyans have been showing interest in this new short-form video experience.

YouTube had, however, sounded a warning to content creators of short videos that any plagiarized work will not be accepted.