Last year was the longest year for travel enthusiasts all over the world as we were all locked up in our houses oscillating between fearing for our lives and remembering the good times before the Corona pandemic.

As it stands, we have since learnt to live with the pandemic, and as the vaccine uptakes improve, it is expected that more people will be on the road to travel to new destinations or old beloved destinations.

It is now more important than before to have information before traveling to ensure safety and good health and what better way to arm yourself to teeth with info than following the best travel blogs of 2021? Here they are,

  1. A Kenyan backpacker

The Kenyan backpacker is a travel blog run by Leo who is born and raised in Kenya. The computer screen enthusiast swears by backpacking in Africa, Hiking & Trekking, Travelling the world, volunteering, and meeting nice people.

Basically, the blog shares backpacking tips, travel planning, and destination advice to help you travel better in Kenya, Africa, and around the World.

In a short story, Leo says, “It’s after days and months of endless wandering that I came to this conclusion. Unlike many other hardworking men and women in this world, who rise every morning to work and thrive, my purpose in this universe was not to be a businessman magnate, an empire builder, or inventor. I was not born to be a scientist or a respected man of God – or a fisher of men certainly, not a chieftain or a politician.”

“For as long as I am in this world, mine is to continue the lineage of Cain, not to kill, but to wander, explore, to remind me and others about the magical works of God – people, nature, landscapes, and creatures both big and small. I was born for the open road. And since my epiphany, I have been restless. You can call me a pariah. But I won’t settle until I have experienced everything and interacted with everyone I was meant to,” he adds

Leo ends by inviting you with itchy feet and always coming up with an excuse to travel, to join him in his wanderings – mostly in the African hinterland. Apart from backpacking he also enjoys traveling by bus, motorcycle adventures, camping, trains travel, hitchhiking and offbeat adventures. You will also enjoy African culture and off-grid living.

  1. A Kenyan Nomad

An article on this bog tickled me and it was titled ‘questions not to ask a traveler‘. To be honest, reading such a candid piece was quite refreshing to me and I am sure you will also appreciate the flair of the words and humor in this blog that discovers Africa through travel and human interaction.

“I am just learning to look past the West’s impression (ignorance?) of Africa. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, one of my favourite authors, recently spoke of an emerging indifference within her, to how the West views the motherland. She has chosen to focus on how we see ourselves; but how do we see ourselves? Do we see our continent as worth irreplaceable holidays? Can it open our minds up to new perspectives? Are there lessons to be found in crossing borders within the continent? What do you know about Tanzania? Senegal? Morocco? And who/what shaped your view?” read a part of the blog.

“This blog is a space of positive vibration. No complaints about the quality of governance, the amount of traffic or the state of security. This blog seeks to find the peace that Africa strives to give us, the beauty we so often overlook,” read another part. Well it may be true or it may be a blatant lie there is only one way to find out right?

  1. Travel with Eliud

This blog is quite vibrant and it is the brainchild of Eliud Ndungu; a part-time adventure travel blogger who’s been exploring his motherland-Kenya for over 6 years. The blog shares entertaining stories, useful travel tips, amazing photography, and crazy adventures from non-stop travels.
“It’s a place for people like you who want daily inspiration & motivation to live a life of adventure. I want to show you how to travel the world, to seek experiences over possessions, and open your mind to new possibilities,” said Eliud

  1. Scrapbook journeys

I enjoyed the experience of being on the Scrapbook journeys blog as it is told in first person by a very lively travel and lifestyle Marion Mithamo. The colorful blog that also entails great and colorful photos will also guide you on all things travel

“In 2015, I resigned from my full-time job after suffering severe back pain, to heal & pursue a passion-filled life…That journey led me here… I am delighted to share with you my epic travel stories & tips for exploring Africa & beyond! And when we are not traveling, I share Wellness tips and Yoga inspiration in the Lifestyle section,” said Mithamo

Scrapbook Journeys you can expect to get insider travel tips on where to go and things to do in Kenya, Africa & beyond, learn how to make your travel dreams come true- on a budget and read honest reviews about the best places to visit. Additionally, there are also tips on how to cope with traveling & living in Covid-19 era living your best life with self-care & wellness tips and motivation on starting your own Yoga & fitness journey.

  1. Life in Mombasa


For most people, the city of Mombasa in Kenya is synonymous with travel and vacations. So if you are one of those people or are interested to know about the city for business and travel you should follow the Life in Mombasa religiously. This travel blog is different because it also includes the business aspect, profiles of residents and current affairs. See why you should follow it religiously?

“The objective is to showcase Mombasa through photography and personal blogs, to show the world our rich, vibrant culture, our historic monuments and our beautiful city,” read part of the blog.

The blog entails categories such as food, lifestyle, features, events and the Mombasa directory so you are covered in all spheres of life.