Make agriculture sexy will read practically every piece ever written about agriculture and the youth. Well, as much as we set out to make agriculture glamorous to attract the youth, we should also let them know that to be successful you should also put in much hard work and resilience. This has proven to be daunting for quite a number of people who have since decided to quit and go back to other careers or white-collar jobs.

One of the reasons that farming can be a daunting endeavor is that some people walk into it blindly without the proper information. That is a situation easily remedied if you have done that mistake in the past or if you want to start farming, then you will be armed to the teeth and ready for action.

Either case, below are some of the best blogs to help you.

  1. Farmers Trends

Basically, Farmer’s Trend is right where you want to be if you are looking for advice or information on farming skills. In addition, you will also benefit so much from the innovative ideas on food sustainability that abound. The portal prides itself on quite a number of sources of information as far as various forms of agriculture is concerned.

“We have partnered with various agronomists and extension service providers in the implementation of our goals and agendas, and this has grown our exposure to many farmers countrywide leading to award-winning for different agricultural awards and interviews with various local and international media houses,” read a part of their website.

When I visited the website, I was highly impressed by how detailed it is especially with the various category. Take the category named Livestock keeping for intake; the drop-down menu will bring all manner of livestock from beekeeping, poultry, rabbit, llama, fish, and goat camel to sheep keeping.

You should also expect very detailed news in other categories such as farming crops, fruits, and grain in addition to reading some of the success stories of other farmers spread all over the country. There is really a wealth of information to be gleaned from the blog.

  1. Graduate Farmer

Basically, the graduate farmer is a one-stop-shop for anyone seeking training, farm equipment, supplies as well as agricultural information and consultation.

“The main aim of Graduate Farmer is to empower and guide the youth and women from becoming job seekers to creators through the agribusiness value chain. We do this by providing them with all the necessary information and tools they normally lack when starting off,” read a part of their site

A very lively website, you can very easily lose yourself there for some minutes as you read about farmers’ stories, look at the various hacks in farming as well as the various how-to articles that adorn the site. If you are serious about farming then this is right where you want to be. A quote on the website summarizes everything for them…

”Agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will, in the end, contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”

  1. Hort Zone

Hort zone is the brainchild of Christopher Makomere. The latter is a keen entrepreneur with major interests in horticulture and he also consults for startups and agribusinesses corporations with a view to helping them explode their revenues. When you go to the blog you are assured of being in good hands because Christopher is a former Egerton University, School of Agriculture student under the department of crops, horticulture, and soils, meaning you are learning from a professional.

Apart from learning about the horticulture business, you will also benefit from Horticultural Export License consultation. The latter will help you to acquire the necessary documents, conformity certificates including the export license so that you can grow your export business faster.

Additionally, you will also get Compliance through Training where the company will help you to comply with market standards notably Ksh. 1758 through regular training of your staff, formulate acceptable spray programs, and crop feeding regimes to maximize the yield. There is also agribusiness management consultancy and here the Hort Zone will assess the profitability of your farm enterprise, give timely advice on market trends, and help you to maximize revenues at the lowest cost possible.