As the old adage goes, a picture is worth 1000 words and if taking photos is your profession, you know only too well that a picture can be more than 1000, words; it can be your rent, food and way of life. If pictures also contribute to making your content interesting then you know that they should be great because they represent a means to a good livelihood.

To get people to appreciate your work as a photographer or blogger, it is always wise to keep up with the trends. There are two main trends drivers as far as photography is concerned and they include world events and technological developments.

The smartphone is a good case in point as far as technology is concerned as it brought us selfies, retro filters, and portrait orientation.

World events on the other hand you can get the best thematic events to photograph by looking at world events and in this regard, you may have to look at what you are shooting and showcasing.

You will get more traction by just observing what has the attention of the world. For instance, the world is reeling from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic with some people making the best out of it while others are really suffering. Both effects make for very good subjects.

  1. Inclusivity

 Most consumers of photography also want to see themselves represented and if you are doing commercial photography then you may want to include diverse topics including those as minorities as far as beliefs, race, body types, age, capabilities, and regions are concerned. 2021 will see many photographers choose various human subjects from photojournalism, editorial, and fashion.

  1. Drone photography

It is not strange to find a photographer with a drone added to their collection and the best thing about current times is that drones are now cheaper, faster, and smaller. This means that more people can now access them and enjoy working with them for aerial photography across various genres.

  1. Digital art

 Digital art presents a way of bringing fantasy to life and you all know we need some sort of escapism after what the world through in 2020. This year, expect to see good photos that have been digitally manipulated using software such as illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and so on.

  1. Real-life photography

After escaping in to the world of digital art especially on social media and the advertising world, once in a while, you may also want to have the real deal. Everything about humans; struggles, pain, glory, imperfections in their hot pursuit of life will also come out this year and so far we have seen so many great pieces.

  1. Photo documentaries 

2022 will continue seeing a lot of photo documentaries as people like to see the works of their favorite documentaries that tell a story. There have also been several photography contests that have brought to the fore many photographers eager to show their work in a particular niche or tell a story. This part of photography will not go out fashion any time soon.

6.   AI and machine learning photography

AI and machine learning have lent themselves to making photography easier as they help in creating professional images. In some instances, the program will analyse the photo and compare it against a database of other photos, and eventually recommends the best changes for the shot.

  1. Nostalgic moments

We all want to freeze the favorite moments we have had in time and soon we become nostalgic about them. Go through your phone or camera you get some of the best pieces from nostalgia that you would wish to keep for a long time. This trend will still be there for a long time.