You are passionate about the environment and want to get the rest of us on board right? You have just done your first few articles and are wondering how to sustain the new blog with content right? Well here is a simple guide on how to sustain the blog with good content

  1. Behavioral change

One of the best environment bloggers in the country Macharia of Mazingira Safi is very keen on behavioral change as a means of solving our various environmental predicaments and on his website he is very clear that his long-term goal is behavior change to sustain our earth, maintain its productivity and improve the lives of all humanity. When encouraged or enforced, behavioral change can go a long way in protecting the environment. A good case in point is the ban on plastic bags in countries such as Kenya and Rwanda. You are also not allowed to litter and this has really helped in Kenya.

  1. Environmental Advocacy

Basically, environmental advocacy entails presenting information on environmental and nature issues in a way that will make people become friendlier towards the environment. The information passed at this point is very opinionated and can take various forms among the text, videos, campaigns, etc.

Advocacy is very important and you can work with several organizations to ensure that the message gets to the audience. Participating in campaigns will give you more than enough information and leads to use for your articles.

Apart from campaigns, you will also deal with policies, and here you can break them down to your readers and let them know if they are being implemented or not. You also follow up with relevant bodies to see if they are being implemented and if criminals such as poachers have been arrested etc.

  1. Environmental Apps

As an environmental blogger, you should also keep your readers abreast of the apps in the market today. Refresh, Climate and Jourlebag are some of the common apps around. While some are about sustainability, others also follow up on partnerships, solutions in the market, fundraising, and so on. The best part aspect of these apps is that they are churned out every day; you can get the best with very great features.

  1. Personalities

There are people whose names are synonymous with going green, green energy, wildlife, etc. These people are walking content and you can engage them for interviews or look for them regularly to tell you what is happening in the going green world.

  1. Environmental Bodies

Bodies that fight for the sustainability of our world are home to so much content. They churn out annual reports, have statistics for funds needed, affected areas, the wins they have gained so far, wildlife, flora, and fauna, etc. They are a one-stop shop for most of all that you need and you can get the best personalities to interview there as well.

  1. Hotels and resorts

You can learn so much from the surrounding hotels and resorts. Most of them are nestled in very leafy places, at the beach, etc and you can get so much content.