Blogger collaboration happens when blogs work together or with brands to come up with a piece of content for publishing. Have you ever thought of it? If no then you are not alone because neither have so many bloggers. You should try it because as the old adage goes, you walk faster when you walk alone but walk further when with another person.

When blogging for the same niche then the other person automatically becomes your competitor right? However, what if two of the best writers in the same niche came together for the best content such as blog posts, long reads, product reviews, and interviews? All that would be in an effort to increase brand exposure of their blogs or a particular product or service, thereby also increasing revenue.

So why collaborate?

If you are collaborating with a fellow blogger then you stand to benefit from increased awareness and traffic to your websites, especially if they are well-known and trusted. Bloggers are all about high-quality content and collaborating with others in your niche or asking people who are well-versed for help can go a long way. Working with brands can help you get good quality for your blog as well. On the other hand, if you are a brand then you will benefit from brand awareness and there could also be direct profit coming from it.

How to collaborate  

There different types of collaborations for bloggers and below are some of them:

Bloggers collaborations

Bloggers can come together and work on an article or a series of articles that they can both benefit from in the end. You can have another blogger who is an expert in your field also help you out with content and in breaking down complex ideas. Another way is if you have much work from a client you can ask bloggers to come in and help you work on articles for pay. This, especially, works for people who do not have money to hire staff writers for their blogs.

In some instances, a brand can call on you to help pass the word around and help bring awareness of their products. Having other bloggers on board but under you can help spread the word as well and you will all benefit.

Guest posts

Guests are a kind of sponsored posts only that they are not necessarily paid for and here the blogger gets a high-quality content for their websites. On the flip side, the brand will benefit a chance to benefit from brand awareness and better Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So if you are not good at such posts or its not your niche you can pass it on to another blogger who may take it on comfortably.

Sponsored Posts

Now when you are working with brands you can also collaborate with them on sponsored posts which are essentially blogs that come with a price tag. These are very popular on Instagram and can be found on Facebook as well. Some tweets are also sponsored content. In this kind of collaboration, the brand expects the blogger to come up with their own content but in some instances, they can create the content and the blogger only publishes it online. In most cases, sponsored content is marked as such so that readers are aware.

 Affiliate posts

Affiliate posts create a way for bloggers to make a pretty penny while brands get advertisements for their products. Basically, an affiliate post includes a unique link to some services or products and when a reader clicks them to buy, the affiliate aka blog gets a percentage of it. In some instances blogs use codes. In affiliate marketing trust comes into play because the readers will trust the endorsement of the blog which is the link.


This entails a shoutout to the brand which is basically endorsing it to readers and blogs do this on their sidebars or popups.


As far as bloggers are concerned, having great interviews go a long way into readers getting more insight into what they are saying and they get relevant content from the journeys of the guests. Brands on the other hand get the opportunity of putting their products and services in the spotlight while in front of new potential buyers.

And for brands, an interview gives you the opportunity of putting your brand in the spotlight and growing brand awareness among a potentially new audience.