The tail end of last week saw video platform YouTube make changes in its terms of service and the one that mostly stood out was that the platform will start monetizing from all YouTube channels but will not share the revenue with small content creators.

“YouTube has the right to monetize all the content on the platform and ads may be shown in videos of channels that are not part of the YouTube Partner Program,” said YouTube in an official statement

This, however, did not sit well with content creators, many who did not see this coming and who also know just how difficult it is to get people to subscribe to their channels.

Now those who do not mind having ads on their platforms just want the giant Tech company to share revenue with them according to the number of eyeballs they have managed to attract.

On the other hand, there are those who are adamant that they do not want the ads on their channels since they distract visitors to the channels or because they also don’t intend to monetize their channels. In the latter category for instance is Sandeep Maheshawari who said, “because of the updated terms of service, you will be forcefully running ads on my channel even though I am not interested in monetizing my videos. Moreover, YouTube will be keeping 100% of the revenue through my copyright-protected content. Does it make sense? Is it fair? Is it a partnership or a dictatorship?”

Mahesharawi is of the opinion that YouTube should have a premium monthly subscription service for those who do not want their channels to have any ads.

In an attempt to be objective Zafar Karnalkar,  said,

“Both are right at their own place, Youtube will display ad, bcoz of that only they generate revenue, and that they required for providing all IT infrastructure and maintenance of youtube and related services if they will not get revenue, how they will survive?” he posed

“You are also right u don’t have any interest in earning money from youtube, in this case, better create your own small platform, where viewers can watch only ur videos without add, if its ur own platform, u will have full control over it, “ he added

Other content creators see the move as dictatorship while others went as far as calling it neocolonialism.

“The content creator should get some royalty in accordance with the magnitude of subscribers for content rather than charging back to the CCs. And as far as the ad is concerned it shouldn’t have the right to press the ad in between and that too wherever they feel like…which sometimes ire us badly,” said Anil Yadav

 Sushil Kumar Nabaria said, “Any rising thing in this world which is greatly followed by peoples or else, have to fall down at some of the time. This is nature’s rule. The same rule will be implemented to YOUTUBE also. Because of this kind of dictatorship YOUTUBE also has to meet its fate, very soon or later. Peoples will get distracted slowly and in the meantime, somebody else will rise. We do nothing. When this kind of platform was not there some other things were available for communication. Like the Same, something new will come and this will get absolute. Wait and watch.”

 A similar move had earlier been effected in the USA while the rest of the world will come on board on 1st June 2021.