After a wild weekend, getting back to your normal routine is exhausting and not as exciting. Shaking off Monday blues does not have to be boring. Your activities before starting your day are not cast on stone. Here are some tips for starting your week right.

Get some exercise.

Your body may feel lazy after a long weekend, a great way to boost your energy is by moving your muscles. Stretching allows free blood flow to areas where it was constricted. Lifting weights is good for both the body and the mind. It makes you stronger which is good for the ego. Consequently, physical exertion added to the increased oxygen intake provides you with maximum energy to start your day.

Talk to a loved one

It may seem irrelevant, however, sometimes all you need is a loved one’s voice. Whether it is your parent, child, or partner, communicating with them at the beginning of your day will warm you up. It does not have to be a long call; simple pleasantries work too. At the end of it, your body generates serotonin, which leaves you feeling happier as well as helping with eating and digestion.

Create a schedule

Monday blues are triggered by a state of confusion in the mind. For instance, if you have many tasks and no idea how to prioritize them may leave you confused and anxious. Similarly, you develop laziness to your work and may not give it your best. By creating a schedule, your to-do list becomes clear and easy to interpret. Writing down your tasks in order of priority and deadlines helps you to allocate suitable time to complete your work effectively.

Pack your favourite lunch

The quickest solution to a good mood is good food. Prepare your favourite meal and pack it for lunch. The excitement to eat will lift your spirit and have you looking forward to the day. On the other hand, it does not have to be homemade. You could order from your favourite restaurant, just be adequately prepared for it. Do not forget the delivery fee.

Play some upbeat music

Indeed, the only truth is music. It connects everyone and anyone. It connects you to emotions you were not aware you were experiencing. Playing your favourite playlist either in the shower or on your way to work is one of the most effective ways to shaking Monday blues. Sing along to your favourite artists, or hum that tune. By the end of it, you will feel less anxious and in a better mood.

Prioritize your work

When it is finally time to get down to business, compose yourself and prioritize your work. Follow your written schedule with no fail. Do everything with the intent of being the best you can be. By the time you are done, you will feel accomplished, tired but you made it. Remember to be realistic and take short breaks to recharge.