Whether you seek a professional or a personal platform, modern technology allows you to access a blog without the scientific knowledge of codes. This is through free sites that allow you to customize your websites. With each site, comes further unique amenities that are accessible once you pay a subscription fee.

Free blogging websites to look for in 2021

Planning to start a blog and you don’t have the finances to pay for a premium website or just want to blog for fun? we are compiling a list of websites you can use to create a free blog in 2021 that is absolutely free.

They include:

Wix site

This is amongst the most reliable and best blog sites, recommended by users all over the world. Wix has free hosting rights and allows you to change and rearrange layouts, pick a template, and constantly post blogs.


This is a very crafty website whereby you need to build the platform on your own. WordPress is good for beginning bloggers as it teaches you Search Engine Optimization analytics, which is important for your article outreach.


I bet this captured your attention. LinkedIn is easy to use and great for connections. LinkedIn comes in the top three due to its pre-existing audience. The audience consists of highly focused individuals, professionals, and businesspeople. This is mostly recommended for uploading achievements or following companies that are in your area of expertise to have an insider look at the organization.

Weebly site

This is a business transaction platform, but also an appropriate site to share your portfolio. Weebly comes with inbuilt analytics and allows you to use your own customized domain.


One of its best advantages is the large audience it attracts. With over 60 million readers each month and its simplicity and openness, this is a valuable site because you are assured your writing will have a target audience.

However, once you register under Medium, it ceases to become your platform and your concepts are under the Medium website. You lose ownership.


As much as you can download this platform for free you will need to pay for hosting fuel. This is achievable through Digital Ocean, a service that supports Ghost, that helps you access a variety of features that are unavailable to non-paying users


Looking for an archive to your most treasured memories? Well, this is your site. It is more suitable for personal blogs, compared to professional ones. Blogger is good for family and wedding invitations, or simply keeping a treasured birthday memory. You gain accessibility to themes, color filtering and minimalist gadgets to help you achieve your aesthetic.


It is an original and mild site with a social media content aesthetic. Here people post their theories, opinions, memes, and everything entertaining. It is fit for poets, philosophers and every creative writer.

Tumblr may not be suitable for business, however, it allows you to display ads, use affiliate links and integrate your blog with Google Analysis.


Joomla has a flexible interface that can be used not only for blog posts but for more complex websites such as organization or fundraising websites.


It is best for people who require less information on blogging complexities. Jimdo is  highly recommended because it is easy to use and all the user has to do is log in and fill in details of how they would want their blog to look for.

While most people overlook free blogging websites, they do offer value to your writing especially while starting out. The premium sites are quite complex for new users which might be difficult to navigate around.