Growing as a blogger takes stepping from one ideal topic to another. As you find your grounding you can build your monument of blogs based on a strong foundation. The first topics you write on are efficient in formulating what kind of blogger you will be. The ideal topics for beginner bloggers take part in shaping the thinking mind of a blogger by introducing them to a variety of new vocabulary and fields.

They include.

Travel blogs

These are the easiest and most interactive blogs currently in 2021. Everyone is interested in how to maintain their travelling in a pandemic, in a safe and efficient manner. Try educating your readers on an essentials list on what to pack, or simply recommend local destinations you have visited. Writers use the help of images to attribute to their blog and make it more interesting

Self/Personal Development blogs

Writing serves as a form of release to many bloggers. It passes as a coping mechanism for some. Starting a blog on personal development is an authentic way of getting your audience to know you just as much as you will get to know them from the feedback you will receive. These blogs are less formal, however, they solely rely on how you format your language and message altogether.


This is a very vast niche and is doing wonders for many technology enthusiasts. It helps in keeping the world informed on current developments in the tech world. There is a bulk of ideas to be unloaded from technology as not many people understand how it works, now how its development affects our way of life, behaviours, and reasoning. This should be a very stimulating field for a beginner blogger.


With the development of technology, came the disadvantages of freedom. Many people have suffered psychological and even physical harm because of cyberbullying. It is upon web users to uphold the rules and regulation of the mass media and reinforce discipline in their communication to avoid instances of cyberbullying. A beginner blogger is well suitable to write on this and its rapid growth and rampant effects on the human mind.

Remember, you can always pick on any topic you find easy to understand beyond what we have shared. Blogging is wide, as you do your research you will always find a better and easier niche you can pick on. Happy blogging.