Blogs are amazing and interactive ways to share expert opinions and views. It is effective because there is something for everyone. It ranges from personal blogs that virtualizes memories to informative professional sites. You still need a blog even in the current times where information is readily available on social media. But in 2021, everyone has freedom to post content, leaving you unaware of its credibility. Blogs hence serve as a responsible source of information, from writer to reader. Here’s why.

Blogs are efficient.

They allow you to freely express yourself. It is an open space where your opinion matters, and the voice is yours. Blogs are a perfect way to start movements and associations to change the world. You can create your own world of thoughts and share it with the world. This results in interaction with people who resonate with your content.

Assured credibility.

Blogs are platforms that allows you to post content relevant to you and your target audience. By your blog posts, you are a messenger to the people, hence there is a group of people depending on the information that you’re about to deliver. This acts as necessary pressure to ensure your writings are legitimate. That your readers may depend on you and promote your website.

Blogs are a medium for change.

You can start the change you want through blogs. Especially with the current state affairs, is there something you would like done different? Blogs start conversations amongst people, and information is a powerful weapon against ignorance. You may choose to start a political or economy-based blog and engage with an audience that seeks the same change that you want to see.

Blogs establish connections.

Times are changing and so should your methods of interaction. It is important to adapt and keep up, that we may grow and attract more opportunities. Connections help you grow and expand your network. This gives you access to a world of knowledge you would never have predicted.

Earn as you type.

This is a great way to earn some side cash as you type and post content. For example, on WordPress, you can monetize your content by displaying Google AdSense. If your content reaches a wide number of people and has an impact on people’s lives, you can be paid to be a public speaker as an influencer. Hence your blog must have many engagements.

Archive your memories.

Not only are blogs perfect for professional use, but also personal use. We often make great memories and want to freeze them forever, that we may look back and remember. Blogs are a beautiful way to reminisce what once was. You can spice it up by adding pictures and video clips, while choosing themes to match the occasion.