Every blogger aims to increase their significance by the day. With the current freedom of expression, there are many upcoming bloggers with great content however, there is a shared target audience. This creates an environment of competition in the blogging world. Images help in increasing authenticity and allures traffic to your article. People are attracted to what they can see, and they remember what impacted them. Use images in your blogs to drive an impact.

Why images are the silent weapon for your blog

Here’s why imagers work for you as a blogger.

Visually appealing

They create a positive first impression of the writer to the reader, depending on whether they were correctly used. They give life and context to your article, thereby avoiding a dull and boring read. Truly, the use of images shows open mindedness and clarity of the topic of discussion. Visually attractive posts create engagements and are inviting to new readers.

They improve blog structure

A well-structured article includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. In fact, images serve as a unique way of transitioning from phase to phase. They increase readability by dividing the text in a logical way. Consequently, this aids the reader in quick comprehension, hence making your blog not only interesting but time cautious.

Images give you higher SEO rankings

It should not be the goal of a blogger to increase traffic through the Search Optimization Engine, but images increase these rankings.  Here, you can add titles, tags, and descriptions to them right in your content management system.

Images ease data comprehension

They complete an educational purpose if the blogger’s intent is to educate. For example, when writing on technical matters such as forex and technology, it is advisable to include charts and graphs. This helps your reader to synthesize the information and draw credible conclusions.

Brand promotion

Creating pictures for your own blog gives it a touch of authenticity. The readers can depict your personality and emotionally connect with you over your content. Whether it’s raunchy and outdoor or soft and personalized, taking your own pictures promotes your personal brand and is another valuable skill to promote.


“A picture speaks a thousand words”. The type of images you use on your blogs should uplift, inspire, and push for a positive agenda. Some images tend to be harmful to people’s psychological health. Or they have an age restriction. It is courteous to put trigger warnings on graphic images.