If writing for nature would have a face then it would be Caroline Kibii’s face. From just appreciating nature, writing passionately about the environment, preservation, and protection of wildlife Shes kept conversations alive.

Ms. Caroline Kibii is an environmental scientist, researcher, environmental activist, and blogger. She’s the founder of Environwild.com a Kenyan blog founded in 2019 with a mission to inspire, inform, and engage on environmental matters. The blog is anchored on four pillars, sensitization, conservation, climate action, and storytelling, and documentation.

When was the last time you championed for urgent action on climate change or environmental conservation? well, this is carol on a day to basis.

We asked her a few questions on choosing the environment over everything else and this is what she had to say.

Give us a brief profile of yourself.

Caroline Kibii is an environmental scientist, a researcher, and a nature enthusiast. 

Share something interesting about yourself

Spontaneous adventurer; the life of a Gemini. I find peace in solo travels. 

What attracted/inspired you into blogging

I wanted to communicate my ideas, and writing was the easiest way. My work took/takes me to different parts of the country, mostly in marginalized areas. I discovered many enthralling issues in the conservation sphere that are not being told. The very first time I put up a blog was in 2014 while working in Marsabit. I was at the crawling stages of writing. The product wasn’t good and short-lived. It was funny because one of my friends was excited that I finally had a blog. 

You could have written about anything, why this niche specifically?

I have an academic and professional background in Environmental Science; this is a subject I feel comfortable sharing my opinions. I understand the jargon in it; hence I can easily decode into a layman’s language.

It is also an exciting area because it touches on day-to-day human lives.  

What accomplishments are you proud of most?

Since we are talking about blogging, I will take you there. 

Blogging earned me my very first international fellowship opportunity in 2015, a 3-month fellowship. It was a Global Call for Climate Action, and the core activity was writing and publishing climate/environment-related articles. I didn’t have a personal blog then; however, writing letters to the newspaper editors had strengthened my writing skills. 

Every time a magazine or newspaper publishes my articles is a huge achievement.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Determined, self-driven, risk-taker

What is the weirdest food combination you have ever tied?

I tried a Khmer delicacy in Seam Reap, Cambodia—a combination of Oyster, ants, and vegetables; I didn’t like it. The soup was nice, though.

If you were not a blogger, what would you be instead? Do you have a day job?

Blogging is a hobby—a part-time activity. I do have a day job. Research is my world

Of all the posts you have ever written, which one is your favorite? why?

Carless La Digue, Seychelles is my favorite. This is a post that was more about my experience. La Digue is one of the inhabited islands in Seychelles; no cars/vehicles are allowed. You can either cycle or walk. Poor me, I couldn’t cycle. I had to walk and keep walking. I vowed to take cycling lessons, which I did.

The post is crucial to me, especially during this time when we are fighting climate change. The transport sector is considered one of the greatest contributors to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. La Digue having no cars with plenty of indigenous trees is heaven on earth. No traffic, noise, or pollution, the kind of world we envision should we commit to climate action and embrace environmental conservation.

Embracing bicycles is a huge step in cutting down an individual’s carbon footprint. 

What is the most difficult thing you ever had to do?

Resigning from a prestigious position after 3 months.

Who is the most influential person in your life and why?

My mother holds an exceptional place in my life. Her hard work, dedication, endurance, and perseverance have shaped who I am today. I was once her student; I still remember every detail of the punishment I received. She continues to shape my path to this minute. Thank you mama!

Besides blogging, what else do you do? What is your obsession?

If I am not hiking, then I am traveling or camping somewhere. I take solo road trips once in a while to relax my mind.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

At a position or place influencing crucial environmental decision nationally or internationally

Is there a quote/mantra you live by?

Yes, I am responsible for my actions and happiness. I either act or stagnate!

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

To take the unlikely paths, try things that many people despise or are scared of, there is a hidden gem. 

Are you an environmental enthusiast? check out her blog  Envirowild.org. For more captivating stories on environmental matters. You can also follow her on Twitter @carolkibii and facebook @envirowild