Cavine Osano developed an interest in writing at a young age. He says, he drew inspiration from his father, who would listen to him read his letters. From reading, he developed an interest in writing. Some of his stories are fiction, others, real-life experiences, and together form a pool of tales that inspire all his readers. MaKosano doesn’t just write stories, he is the story.

We asked him a few questions and this is what he had to say.

Give us a brief profile of yourself.

This name Osano, that I borrowed from my father, I have tried to keep well the good nature of the name, I even found for it another Homestead, MaKosano, so that I could tell the good stories that come with this responsibility of walking and seeing. My kinsmen would say wuothi ekinee. Osano is, therefore, the voice inside MaKosano

Share something interesting about yourself.

I am a storyteller, I’m a critique too. 

What attracted/ inspired you into blogging?

See my father used to write letters, a lot of letters. He had about three briefcases of letters and another cabinet for the same. So he used to call me to read letters and reports for him, those that he wrote and the ones he received. And he would just sit there and listen to me read one letter after another. He called me his secretary. I draw my inspiration of writing from his many letters that he wrote.

You could have written about anything, why this niche specifically?

Well, I love creativity and I like telling stories that I can think of later and smile to myself. I love writing things that make my readers question my experience or even where I draw the events they encounter in my writings, because at the end of the day, I could be telling a true story or I could be creating one?

What accomplishments are you proud of most?

That I have maintained my sanity through this COVID 19 is an accomplishment enough for me. Well, I’m also happy for myself for having been able to create and maintain my e-commerce business for four years now.

If you could sit down with your 13yr old self what would you tell him?

My 13-year-old self is that young boy in class 8, with a tight short trouser that sinks between his buttocks, that boy that carries his books in a green polythene bag, that which is bag enough for him. I would tell him to pause, for that is the only age without rush.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Reliable. Honest. Hardworking.

If you could time travel, where would you go?

I would travel 18 years back and play some more hide and seek, run in the rain, cross raging streams when it rains, buy a big sukari nguru for 1 bob, skip an afternoon class to watch Rambo II at the movie shop, forget to water the goats, mix kerosene with water when sent to purchase, get sick when I want to skip school, recover when we reach the gate of the hospital. Man! Isn’t it a blessing just being a child?

What is the weirdest food combination you have ever tied?

Mbuta na waru. Please, can we just stick to Ugali!

If you were not a blogger, what would you be instead? Do you have a day job?

Yes, I have a small e-commerce business where I am the number one employee, UZANDO, where we sell preowned bags and clothing. If I would have not have been in business I would be teaching because I am a trained teacher. If I had stuck to that, probably I would have released a ka-small book by now. Hehe…

Of all the posts you have ever written, which one is your favourite? why?

My favourite is The Sandland – Mystery of Jokobala. Because the story is about my homeland, Kobala. The story is a reflection of how things really went when I was growing up in the lakeside. To me, with all its humour, it is a sad story because a lot of things have changed down the lake over time with the coming of water hyacinth in Lake Victoria.

What scares you most about the future?

What scares me about the future is that I don’t want to be just a statistic; one among many. I would like to leave behind a good footprint.

What is the most difficult thing you ever had to do?

The most difficult thing was to resign from teaching. I loved my students more than anything. But chasing opportunities demand that you make sacrifices at some point.

Who is the most influential person in your life and why?

The most influential person is my father. He was a visionary, very hardworking and a disciplinarian, he passed away in 2007 and I think my life, in general, has been modelled by his character of thinking beyond himself.

Any interesting hobbies, obsessions?

I’m obsessed with collecting books, I can never pass a book stand, blindfold me, that could help. I love sight-seeing, I love reading and yes, I thank Reed Hastings for Netflix too.

Is there a quote/mantra you live by?

My personal mantra always is that I’ve chosen opportunities where I might fail rather than live in the shadow of my own potential.

If you were a superhero, who would you be and why?

I hear about them superheroes; I believe in none of them. Is Martin Luther King a superhero? I could go with him.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

My brother George once told me “If you ever start getting comfortable in life, then there is something not going right.” That has always kept me on guard.

Check Out Cavine’s blog, MaKosano and get to read funny and witty stories about his experiences. You can also interact with him on Twitter and Facebook @MaKosano.