We, in partnership with the American Spaces, will be opening applications for the 2020 digital storytelling workshop. The program’s aim is to equip the youth in the intermediary stage with digital skills to craft online personal narratives, employing multimedia components of narrative, text, images, and sound, that foster dialogue and empowers vulnerable voices. 

As such, we will be targeting youth who have finished secondary school but have not yet enrolled in university. Training workshops will be conducted online and will target the youth in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa and Lamu, and its environs. 

Starting in November, successful applicants residing in Nairobi will be taken through an intensive program on: 

    1. Theory of digital storytelling which will tackle news literacy
    2. Techniques of digital storytelling which will focus on putting together an effective story, choice of tools and platforms, building online audiences, etc. 
    3. Journalistic ethics and fake news.

To enter the Nairobi training, fill the application form here before  13th November 2020. Visit the official website of Digital Skills Kenya for more information. Also, if you have any queries about the program please send an email  to training@bake.or.ke