As part of the Africa Law Tech Festival 2020, Lawyers Hub will be hosting the Africa Digital Rights Concert which is an engaging experience full of fun, entertainment and culture to increase public awareness on technology-assisted violence against women. The Festival will take place on the 8th, March 2020 to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

The growing use and adoption of technology have elicited both positive and negative effects. Gender issues notable offline including the gender divide and increased violence against women and sexual minorities are now experienced online. Technology-assisted violence against women is experienced through surveillance, online harassment, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, misuse of personal images, revenge porn, disinformation and mal-information. The overall effect is to reduce the participation of women in the political and economic sphere and limit their ability to freely express themselves.

In this regard, the Lawyers Hub and partners have organized the Digital Rights Concert with the theme: Online Safety for Her. The aim of the concert is to increase public awareness on this subject and set the ground to deal with such issues.

The concert will be hosted at Sarit Centre and will feature performances by Juliani, Red Acapella, Nadra, Nicole Agneta, Kendi Nkonge, Lorna The Rapper and the KU Band.

Coupled with the concert is the Africa Law Tech Awards,  the first of its kind in the continent. The Awards seek to acknowledge exceptional achievements and groundbreaking strides in the world of law and technology. Also hosted by the Africa Law Tech Festival, the awards recognize those enabling and creating ethical technology and policy solutions for development by building inclusive societies and improving access to justice.

For more information visit the Africa Law Tech Festival Website